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A Penny Saved

July 29, 2007


I’ve been busy today. This is the maple flooring that is getting pulled up out of my entry hall (that little bit above is from the entry) and also from my kitchen and dining room.
About 240 square feet total.

I was dubious if this was really solid hardwood that the builder installed. I figured they might have cheaped out and installed a hardwood veneer product or something. But sure enough, it’s 3/4 inch solid maple and nice wood. Just not for me. 

Have I mentioned how great is? (Yes I have, I know.) Well, it occurred to me that someone might want this stuff and could use it somehow. Rather than paying Home Depot $550 to pull it up and haul it off, I am pulling it up myself. It comes up quite easily and without splitting. I posted this on my local freecycle Yahoo group and within thirty minutes I had three responses, and have had more since. So, someone is coming later this week to pick the stuff up. How cool is that?

In addition to pulling up the wood, my daughter and I decided to get my room painted today. I’ll have to take pictures in the daylight to show you, but the color I picked out is the color of sand. I decided on the soothing neutral for the walls and will splash the colors of the ocean about in luxurious fabrics and accessories. I have an adjoining master bath off my bedroom and I think I’ll paint that room the pretty sea-blue-green I’m envisioning that will coordinate with the fabrics I choose later.

I just wish I could stay home from work for about three weeks straight to get this all finished up. (Be careful what you wish for, I know!)


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