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Parents, Check Your Kids’ Toys

August 2, 2007

Maybe you’ve heard about this recall, maybe not, but Fisher-Price is recalling a whole long list of toys “because their paint contains excessive amounts of lead” (Here’s the full story from MSNBC:

What I don’t get is what is considered “excessive” amounts of lead? Shouldn’t all lead be banned from paint? It is not news that it is harmful to your health – and particularly harmful to children. I’ve known about this all my life. Apparently these toys were made in China. Um, China isn’t that backward to know about the dangers of lead in paint.

My daughter is combing through her kids’ toys and so far has found three that are on the list. My prayer is that even though David Allmark, general manager of Fisher-Price, says “We will learn from this,” I certainly hope it is not at the expense of a child.


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