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Patient Pups

August 4, 2007

Warning: Totally gratuitous puppy photos ahead.


Left to right – and smallest to largest: Daisy, Lily, and Trixie

These pups crack me up too. They even come in the door in size order. Trixie first.


They got a new chair.  You can imagine how small it is – and of course, it’s pink. Lily particularly loves this chair. I guess they deserve it since they have to stay in that pen most of the time while I’m inside doing the remodeling work. The yard is not fully puppy-proofed and they can squeeze under the fence and go out front. This means I have to sit out there with them while they run around and play. (Fine when the sun’s out, not so fine if it’s cold and overcast, or worse, raining.) The benefit to having a small dog in suburbia is that you don’t need a huge yard for them to get plenty of exercise!


Lily all cozied up in her chair with a Tinkerbell blanket. That little face just melts my heart. Who knew a dog would bring me so much joy.

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  1. August 4, 2007 11:37 am

    too, too cute!

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