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7th Inning Stretch

August 5, 2007

Warning: Don’t try this alone. Remodeling, that is. It’s exhausting work and always takes twice or three times longer than you initially expect. I’ve never done a project of this proportion and am so, so tired. It’s times like this that I really wish I had a companion who enjoyed this as well.

All the old maple planks are now pulled up. Stacked next to my new wood. Turns out my neighbor wants the maple to extend the same wood into his living room. He has the same wood in his kitchen and dining area as well. And he’s a nice neighbor to have. Handy with the power tool, if I ever get past my pride and shyness to ask for help.


Since I can’t wait till tomorrow to see what the tile is going to look like, I opened a case and laid some tiles out for a preview.


I want them laid in diamond pattern for a bit of visual interest – not so boxy, since the kitchen is so square. Here’s the tile close up and next to the new hardwood, so you can see how lovely they will look together.


Now I need to pick a color for the kitchen wall. I have no idea what color to pick. Nothing is grabbing my interest. I found these paints – Devine Color paints – that are designed for the Northwest, and that take into consideration our climates here. They also advertise that they are created to look good with wood. Hmmm.

I chose a sample color and painted it on the wall. This color is Jacquard (hee hee, get the fabric reference?) from the Woven Tales collection. Here it is on the wall.


I’m afraid it’s just too dark, but the wall on the opposite end of the room (other side of the house) is a dark chocolate brown. I think too light a color and the whole great room effect will be off balance. Too dark a color, and it will look too stark next to the white cabinets. Nothing is jumping out at me. The rest of the colors in the downstairs are a camel, caramel, and chocolate. I veered towards a rich taupe brown, sort of a truffle, but thought that would be too much brown. However…I could add pops of color with my fabrics and accessories.

What do you think? I’m open to suggestions to everything except red or yellow.  (And if you’re wondering about the lavender there already, that was a $2 mismatch can that I slapped up while bored one Saturday morning five years ago. I never finished it, and never really liked it either. Although I do love purple.)


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