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No More Analysis Paralysis

August 15, 2007

I’m a strong woman and decisions usually come easy for me. But when it comes to a major purchase – like a sofa – that I’m going to have to live with for some time to come, I freeze up. I suffer from analysis paralysis. I get so afraid of making the wrong decision – especially when your typical living room set (sofa and love seat or chairs) can run $1,500 or more.

So, since I’m not made of money – say, what? – I even considered renting furniture until I could afford to buy some straight out. But renting is outrageously expensive and you end up paying twice as much as you would if you bought outright. (And in case you’re wondering, I don’t use credit cards. I figure if I can’t pay cash for it, I can’t afford it. That works for me, but maybe not for others.)

There’s always Craigslist or garage sales but everything I see there is usually as old as the set I’m throwing away, or overpriced.

What to do? What to do? I have to have something to sit on.

I came up with a solution that I think is great for anyone who suffers from analysis paralysis. And if this is a “duh” for you, bear with me, cuz it’s an epiphany for me! The furniture rental companies sell their furniture for much less than the total rental term. And did you know that the longer the furniture has been rented out, the cheaper it is to buy it cash? And this one place I went to offers 90 days “same as cash”.

I fell in love with a sofa and loveseat combo that stretches my conservative taste a bit. This picture is taken from my cell phone so it doesn’t do the color justice. The color is a much brighter green – that brighter green that is seen around so much these days.


To be honest, it’s the color I fell in love with, more than the furniture. Not only will it look luscious next to my new floors, but it will coordinate nicely with the Hawaiian fabric I’ve chosen for the window coverings.

Hawaiian Curtain Fabric

But the real deal here is that I essentially get to test drive the furniture for very low risk. I get it delivered and can let it hang out in my living room, see how my back does with it, and if for some reason I don’t like it, I can return it for only the minimum one month rental fee. It’s really a no-brainer. When you buy from a regular furniture store, most times if you get it home and it’s too big, you don’t like it, or what ever, too bad, sucks for you.

And from the rental place, I learned that this set has only been use some 200+ days. Pretty much a win-win situation for me. I’ll let you know how it looks when it’s all done. (Oh, it arrives Saturday.)

  1. blogfree Jessica permalink
    August 16, 2007 4:58 am

    What an excellent idea!! I suffer from the same ‘illness’! We did FINALLY buy a couch this weekend for the basement…it only took us 6 months to bite the bullet! I think that football season looming in the near future (Go SEAHAWKS!!) was the motivator. Funny. The ‘hawks were also the motivating fact behind the big screen tv purchase. Nothing like your team making it to the Superbowl for the first time ever, to make my husband move his feet.

  2. Belle permalink
    August 16, 2007 5:11 am

    Claire, I would never have thought of the rental/buy deal! Couch looks very comfy in a lovely color that totally goes with your fabric. Watch out for the kitty and doggie claws on the couch… looks like the same type of fabric we have on our couch, and within DAYS, the cat claws had left little tiny holes on the back. They sit on the top of the couch and when getting off – or STRETCHING – those claws did their thing. I was sick about it but it’s the nature of that fabric, I think. So now I’m stuck with having throws laying all over the back of the couch because who can keep them off of it while we’re at work all day?

  3. August 16, 2007 7:43 am

    Belle, I’ll keep my eyes open for the kitty claws stuff. I think the fabric is microfiber. Puppies stay in their little kennels during the day, but I’ll make sure my daughter keeps the kitty paws trimmed. (She’s a vet assistant in training.)

    LOVE THE SEAHAWKS, Jessica. I can’t wait. OOOH MY, did you notice how the green is almost SEAHAWK green? ROFLMAO. Haven’t taken the plunge for the big screen TV yet. Maybe next year.

  4. August 16, 2007 7:45 am

    Oh, and in case y’all were wondering, that set – sofa AND loveseat – will end up costing me about $588 total, including tax. What a deal. I can’t get a brand new sofa by itself for that price.

  5. Jessica permalink
    August 17, 2007 4:51 am

    Wow..look at you smart girl…what a great idea that was! I have a microfiber sofa but we wont discuss what I paid…(**sigh**)….and two cats. It is really easy to get the cat hair off and the cats don’t seem to be interested in scratching it…They much prefer their scratching post which is close by. I do however throw a thin fleece blanket over the back as that is where they like to sleep.
    I just don’t think I am going to buy new furniture anymore. I get bored of what I have too easily and you then you can’t make a change because of what you paid for it..
    My daughter is buys her furniture used and she has a huge savings account…
    I really like your idea…Thanks for sharing.

  6. August 18, 2007 7:37 am

    Claire – how kewl is that! I learn something new from you everytime I read your blog. I have one of those rental stores near me and I think I need to get my butt over there. That might solve my living room issues too! Thanks soooooo much!

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