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About Last Night and Other Things

August 19, 2007

Last night I went to a bachelorette party. This was a first for me. Believe it or not, I never had one, and have never been invited to one. I knew what the stereotypical bachelorette party was all about, but still had no idea what to expect.


Dinner was nice. There were about 10 of us, including me, at a nice restaurant in downtown Seattle. The bride-to-be and her maid of honor had reserved a hotel room for the girls as there was going to be a ton of drinking. (I don’t drink, so that didn’t include me.) 

I think they had to get really liquored up to be ready for this next part – the male stripper. Oh My God. I knew this was going to be part of the scenario (I was told at dinner, and it was a complete surprise for the bride) but I have never seen one and didn’t know what to expect.

I wish I could post for you the pictures of the bride’s reaction – I have some classic pictures of her – but I don’t have her permission yet, so I can’t. It was shocking, hilarious, embarassing. I won’t go into the details, but I’m not so sure I want to experience that again. I wasn’t offended. I wasn’t horrified. I wasn’t insulted. I’m not a prude. But once is enough. It was funny, and the bride was a terribly good sport about the whole thing.

Now… onto other things.

Much to do this weekend. Picked up a used canopy bed for my daughter (a grown-up version) and am going later today to see about a used bed for the guest bedroom. The couches arrrived – I’ll post pictures soon – and I love them. I don’t love the throw pillows that come with them, so I stopped at Tuesday Mornings and got some new ones that are perfect. So perfect as they flew off the shelf at me – literally – to make me notice them. You’ll see.

My body aches are accentuated this weekend from the fibromyalgia and lack of vitamin D, and of course, it’s raining. I’m moving so slowly and there is so much to do. But I’ve learned I can only eat the pie one bite at a time.

And of course, the baseboards aren’t getting painted when it rains, and therefore my sewing room is not getting put back together. (I have bookshelves that will need to be anchored to the wall and can’t do that before the baseboards are up.) I am dying to get back to sewing and make my curtains and start sewing for my new grandson who arrives in November.


Happy Sunday.

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  1. BjP permalink
    August 19, 2007 11:41 am

    Hmmm….re the stripper, I would have left until the show was over. Mostly I am just very very uncomfortable in situations like that and I’m too old now to fake it! It doesn’t bother me if others want to enjoy it, tho. But then I don’t even like off-color jokes in mixed company. Ok, maybe I am a bit of a prude! 🙂

    Glad things are coming together for you with the redecorating. I am sure it’s been an exhausting yet exhilorating ride!

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