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When I grow up

August 29, 2007

Someone asked me recently – jokingly, of course – what I want to be when I grow up. I responded flippantly that I wanted to be a kept woman. Well, not exactly, but the daily commute drains me as does having to sit in a static, sterile office building for 10 hours straight. I know I’m not alone in these feelings.

I sometimes dream that if I could have a career other than writing and editing, it would be interior design. Or flipping houses. Gee, like that’s less work than I’m doing now? What am I thinking?

As a young girl, I wanted to be Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music from the day it was first released as a move in the 60s. (Telling my age here, folks.) I used to draw house plans for my home when I grew up and dreamed of having six children – three girls and three boys. (Is that a residual effect of watching the Brady Bunch too much?)

I think that’s where the latent designer in me started budding forth. Designing floor plans at seven, learning to crochet at eleven, and knitting followed shortly after that. Then came sewing at age 13, and painting and calligraphy as a teenager. I recall in school learning to create textile designs and actually screen print them onto fabric. I LOVED doing that. There’s something about textiles, color, and art that stirs my soul and provides a sense of serenity in the process.

This is what I want to do when I grow up. Anything that lets me design and create. If it’s using computers to massage words into stories or a sewing machine to intertwine cloth and thread into something useful and beautiful, then I’m a happy woman. I am grateful for whatever it takes to let me continue to do what I do. If, at this stage in my life, it’s my job that supports these creative endeavors, then I guess that’s being a kept woman in the 21st century. Twisted, but it works.

  1. Cherie permalink
    August 31, 2007 10:20 am

    I really hear you. I was a ‘kept’ woman for as long as I could bear it. I did not work at my passion, but now I am trying to live it! I am retired, a bit too early, so I’m shorter on dollars but longer on time, and am allowing all those “hobbies on hold” I had for many years to blossom. When I get as good as you on my blog, I’ll have photos to show it!

  2. August 31, 2007 12:21 pm

    Hi Cherie – I tried to post to your site, but it only allows Blogger posts with a Google account. I think there is a setting in Blogger that lets anyone comment using the security feature. Eager to see pics of your sewing AND your gardening (my second love too.)

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