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Sunday Serenity

September 16, 2007

Soon, that may just say Sunday Sewing. Yay.

Yesterday was a successful day, and I even got to enjoy something sewing related. Yippee for me. I didn’t have too much to sell, but made about $80 or so. Not too bad for about four or five hours worth of work. So, just what did I accomplish?

  • Got rid of some bulky things from the garage (but unfortunately, not the dresser set yet)
  • Got the garage reorganized so there is room in the middle and I now remember – and can get to – where all my sewing stuff is
  • Enjoyed the sunshine and my sweet neighbors with their lovely little chatty four-year-old daughter
  • Took a nap
  • Went shopping with my oldest daughter – without kids! – and hit Joanns for some darling fabric for floor reading pillows
  • Got a huge bargain on the fabric – the nice sales girl gave me two 40% off coupons for full-priced fabric even though I forgot my coupons.
  • Got lost looking for Michaels up near my daughter’s house but finally found it
  • Enjoyed a lovely evening at her house with the grandkids while knitting on a doggie sweater (which may prove to be too small for my dogs, if you can believe it)
  • Got a good night’s rest.

And now for the pics. The floor pillows will be 26″ square with a zipper on one side so the cover can be removed and washed. You know kids. There’s bound to be a spill or two. Oh, and all the fabric you see here is one yard of each, and cost me a total of $16. What a deal.

This one is for Elise. Her room is pink and purple and this cute home dec cotton twill type fabric will be perfect. I have some hot pink twill that coordinates perfectly and I will make some bias strips for an edging (Okay, the term is escaping me, but where you put the fabric over the rope and stitch it to make a nice round edging. Sheesh. Brain dead. Need coffee.)


 This next one is for Cayden. His print is a light cotton, so I’m thinking I’ll interface the whole thing so it’s sturdier.


And this is a flannel-backed oilcloth fabric that I will use to make Cayden a paint smock. I need to find a cute boyish design, or make one up, so he has an apron of sorts to protect his clothes when he does arts and crafts with mama and “sis-sis”.


That’s all for now. Today is also Seahawk Sunday (hooray for football season!) and I’m going to watch the game at my daughter’s with my cute darling grandkids. Hmm. Now where’s my football jersey?

  1. Risa J permalink
    September 16, 2007 12:28 pm

    Putting the fabric over the rope makes cording (grin). Hope the coffee helps!

  2. September 16, 2007 5:52 pm

    That’s it!! Thanks Risa. My mind was going blank. LOL.

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