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The Hat was a Hit

October 14, 2007

Referring to the baby hat I knit for my daughter’s baby shower, I now have an order for at least two more. My daughter’s friend, Audra, (on the left below) who hosted the shower is 37 weeks pregnant, and I want to make one for her baby boy.


(Can you believe the two of these women are only three or four weeks apart in pregnancy time? Seems to me like my daughter is hardly showing, although she looks a bit bigger in that picture, in most she hardly looks preggy at all.)

And here’s my good friend, April, and her son, Grady. He’s now three months old TODAY! He needs a hat too. 


April’s oldest is close in age to my grandson, Cayden, and now she has Grady, who will be close in age to Evan, when he gets here. How awesome will it be to watch all four boys play together? Heck, with all the boys being born around us, we’ll have our own football team. I see it now. My son-in-law coaching, and my daughter being Team Mom. Okay, well, maybe not. Nice dream though.

Anyway, back to reality. Now that I know how easy the hats are to make, I’m sure I’ll want to figure out how to make larger ones for his big brother, Gibson, who is two. And of course Cayden, my little adorable mancub grandson, and Elise. She sure was a cutie pie helping Cindy open the presents (and a camera ham. She thought every picture I was taking was of her. Silly girl.)


And happily, my other daughter, Stacy, was able to make it to the shower, even though she wasn’t feeling so hot. Here she is with Madison, Cindy’s friend Jackie’s baby girl. What a cutie. She was hilarious how she kept blowing raspberries. (The baby, that is, not my daughter.)


Okay, if I’m going to make more hats, I better get that sweater done, PRONTO.

Tata, for now.

  1. October 14, 2007 3:58 pm

    Great photos, LM. Sounds like you just signed away any free time for awhile. I think needlecrafts are so much fun, and when you’re finished it feels great to have accomplished something tangible. Plus, with knitting and crocheting you can watch a movie or a TV show while you do it! Every year I go through a constant knitting phase, and it gets so I can’t watch TV without doing it or I feel weird.
    Hey, I just saw that you blogrolled me! Thank you! I will now do likewise . . .

  2. October 14, 2007 7:04 pm

    LWB: Agreed. I find that if my hands aren’t busy while I’m watching TV or sitting waiting for people, then I’m more tempted to eat or pick at my nails. Both things I don’t need more of. 🙂 And, since I can’t do many hugely physical activities any longer because of my fibromyalgia, it’s a good outlet for my creative passions.

    And my darling grandson will look stinking cute in the stuff too. Ha Ha!

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