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Indian Summer Fun

October 23, 2007

Well, it’s not a true Indian Summer because I believe that requires warm temperatures after the first frost of the season, and I don’t think we’ve had a frost yet. But we’ve had a great warm Autumn day. It was up to 78 degrees here today – and just last Friday we were having thunderstorms and power outages.

Since I didn’t have any work to do at work, I left early and came home – initially to rest because my back was flared up. Instead, my pregnant daughter and the kids came by and we took all the doggies for a walk down to the neighborhood park. When we get weather like this here in the Pacific Northwest, you have to take advantage of it. The kids got bored with the first park because there were only swing sets (darn) so we walked back up the hill to the top where there are huge gym sets that they could climb on.


Cayden is fearless. A fearless two-and-a-half year old boy. Here he is climbing up on a gym set that is higher than I can reach, hence the photo from my camera phone being taken into the light. He was so big.

His sister, Elise, was the best doggie walker ever. She’s so good with the puppies. She likes to walk Daisy the best. Daisy is the tiniest puppy and easy to handle – until she wiggles out of her harness and runs off, that is.

It was a great afternoon and a great walk. Just what I needed. A couple hours with my daughter and her kids. And she did fine walking but I think going to the second park may have just pushed it a bit too far. Hopefully she gets some good rest tonight. Me, I really think the walk helped my back, which was spazzing out big time. I may pay for it later physically, but it’s these little interludes in life that make me so grateful for every gift I’ve been given, and extremely grateful that I’m to a point in my life where I can take a couple hours off work and enjoy a balanced life with my family.

Tomorrow’s forecast is for rain. Go figure.


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