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Decorating Inspired by Costco Kitchen Towels

April 11, 2008



When I saw these kitchen towels at Costco, I should have bought more. I love these towels. I love every color in them. I actually bought these several months ago, but they’ve inspired everything I’ve done in my home redecorating after my hardwood floors were installed. All the blues I’m choosing are a variation or shade of the blue in these towels. I have that chocolate brown on a wall, and of course, the floors are the same brown.

My son-in-law used to say my home looked like a Rubik’s cube. Every wall or every room was a different, usually bold, color. Now I’m aiming toward more neutral colors, but splashes of the more bolder colors will be blues and greens. More toward soothing, restful colors. There will now be some semblance of cohesion throughout the house.

Today I went through a strange process to decide on a color for my home office walls. I thought I had decided when I wrote this post a while back. But the more I sat in my office and looked at that vase, the more I decided that I really didn’t want sage green walls. I’m surrounded outside by evergreen trees, grass, and everything green (for which I’m very grateful), and I tried having sage green walls years ago. It’s just too much for me.

At one point I must have had thirty swatches taped up to my wall to decide on a color. Process of elimination. I sat on a stool and stared at the colors. Good God, I must have spent three hours trying to determine a color. It made my head hurt.

The room is finally painted. I’ll show you tomorrow. When the sun shines through the window in the morning, I’ll snap some pics.


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