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Fireworks or Money? Which would you have?

July 4, 2008


I am sitting in my home office watching the fireworks go off in the suburban neighborhood that I live in. It amazes me. Not because of the sparkle and glow of fireworks but because of the money people have spent on blowing stuff up.

And it seriously sounds like a military zone here. Not that I’ve been in a military zone – but it’s non-stop snap, crackle, pop. This will continue until about 1:00 a.m. – if history repeats itself.

I don’t get it. Why on earth do people complain about $5 a gallon gas when I can easily guess that people have spent $500 on these fireworks? I guess maybe that is the ultimate symbol of freedom. Freedom to complain about the price of gas, food, whatever, and then waste money on whatever you want. I’d rather have it this way, than any other way, but still, I don’t get the logic.

I used to love fireworks as a kid. I still do, to an extent. As a child, we used to stand in an upstairs bedroom window and watch them go off at Alpenrose Dairy in Beaverton, Oregon. It was fabulous.

Sigh. Well, at least I can sit in my upstairs window as an adult and watch the fireworks go off in Suburbia. At least it’s not my money. But seriously, folks, if you’re just going to burn it up, how about passing some greenbacks my way first?

I just hope everyone is safe tonight and no one gets injured. My dogs are doing amazingly well, considering last year they were puppies. They’re a bit nervous and staying close, but overall, they’re fine.

  1. July 5, 2008 12:37 am

    I think it isn’t about the money, it is about a family activity. The 4th of July is something as a child you remember, it is a family day you want to make memories for with for your children. I know my dh spent around $250 on fireworks, and we too complain about the gas. Alas though the gas is a necessary evil as the fireworks are simply fun, like a day a Disney World in your own backyard. People still spend a horde of money on Disney vacations, even with gas prices. See all in the name of family activities.

  2. July 5, 2008 10:35 am

    I loved fireworks when I was teenager, and when my kids were small. Now I could take them or leave them, mostly the latter. But I’m talking about the big fireworks display that towns put on. Those were fun to go to. I’d never spend money on firworks, and I HATE firecrackers.

    I’m with Laura on the Disney vacations. The money people spend on those is ridiculous. And they take out loans to do it!

  3. July 5, 2008 10:39 am

    @Laura – You are right, it is about family activities. I guess it’s because I don’t really have my own family – my kids are grown and have their own lives, as they should – and I’m single, so there’s no point in me doing any of those things.

    @Wendy – They do cost a lot. My daughter went on one recently and although it was fun, they had much more fun on their solo road trip to Cali. And likely it cost less. I also have another friend who goes to DisneyWorld around Christmas each year. Although for her, it’s a family reunion for her family that lives all over the States. I supposed I’d do that too, but not at an amusement park. I mean, really, how much conversing or catching up can you do on a rollercoaster?

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