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Every Girl Needs a Pretty Party Dress

July 12, 2008

Tonight is the big party for my mom. I’ve been working for weeks planning and organizing it. My mom is 88 and is celebrating 50 years in Alcoholics Anonymous. I have never seen her drink, nor did I ever see my father drink. (My father passed on with 32 years of sobriety.) They’ve been sober my whole life, for which I’m extremely grateful. There are few people who make it to fifty years, so this is a very, very big deal for my mom, our family, and all her friends. And boy, does she have a lot of friends. There will be nearly 120 people at this party! I doubt I could come up with 10% of that for any party I might have.

I’ve been working hard to coordinate all the details with the help of a couple of my mom’s closest friends. There’s dealing with the caterer, the facility, creating a slide show, designing and creating centerpieces, balloons, creating memory sheets (where people write down memories of her that impacted their lives, and these will be compiled into a book for her), gifts, and more. And I’ve been doing all this while working full-time. I couldn’t have done it if I had to work in a traditional office, that’s for sure. I still have a lot of little details left to do today so it will sort of be a crazy day.

Finally, last night some people started to arrive from out of town, and our closest friend from Portland, Oregon, my mom’s room mate, my mom, and I all went to dinner. It was fun. The four of us often go places together and we seem to usually have a good time without getting into too much trouble. During dinner, the discussion turned to what we were all going to wear. I realized I really didn’t have anything to wear to the party. I had planned on making myself a new dress – that didn’t happen. No time. All I had were my one pair of black pants that are really getting threadbare and sorry looking, and since I’m losing weight so quickly, I haven’t bought any new ones either. So, after dinner, we all went to Macy’s and mom bought me a smashing new dress to wear tonight. I’m so excited about this dress. First of all, I put it on, and it fit! It was the first dress I tried on, and it fit like a glove. And it wasn’t from the “women’s” department, but a Misses dress. And it was a size smaller than what I’ve bought in the past. In fact, I almost got another dress that would have been two sizes smaller, but they didn’t have one in stock. Sigh.

image of B5029

The one I tried on that was either too big or too small looked just like this green dress, and was in a beautiful, emerald green lightweight cotton. What was really exciting was that I have this pattern, and the style looked really good on me. So, now I know that I can make this dress in a soft jersey, and it will look just fine.

They had a lot of dresses that looked somewhat like this next picture (the white short one), in different lightweight cottons. They were pretty dresses on the hanger, but when you put them on, there was just too much fabric in the bodice, plus I think they were intended to be worn without a bra, so they had bra stuff in the bodices too. Just too much going on there, I felt like a sausage wrapped up tight. But, with my sewing skills, I now know that I could make a rendition of one, and have it look just right, without the poofy backside area too.

image of B5181

So, for the dress I’m wearing tonight? You’ll just have to wait until my next post to see me in it! Ah, is  there anything better than a pretty dress and a party? Well, maybe a good looking date to go with me. 🙂 Happy Saturday everyone.

  1. July 12, 2008 8:20 am

    WOW! Congrats to your mom! That is amazing! I love B5029! I just made that one. Can’t wait to see what you wear!

    Thanks, Adrienne. I’ll have to hop over to your blog to see what you made. I heart my new dress.

  2. July 12, 2008 8:32 am

    Congratulations to your Mom! Have a great time tonight. I can’t wait to see you in your dress. I wish I could say my son was still sober but he relapsed again on heroin. I just found out last night. If he would only get help like your Mom did.

    Joan, I hope he gets it soon. That heroin is bad shit. I’ll post a pic of me in the dress shortly. Maybe after a good night sleep. LOL.

  3. July 12, 2008 5:14 pm

    congratulations to your mom. wonderful achievement! truly something to celebrate.


    Teri – you should have seen the celebration. It was amazing how many people showed up and respected my mom. I sure cried a lot.

  4. Bev permalink
    July 12, 2008 8:04 pm

    Congrats to Mom! She deserves all this attention today!

    I bet you’ll feel like a real Princess tonight. Can’t wait to see a picture!

    Bev – even though it was my mom’s party, and she loved every minute of it – I did feel like a princess.

  5. July 15, 2008 5:31 am

    50 year sober! Wow, tell your mom I said “Hell ya, you go girl!” Well, maybe you should leave out the swear word, but you know what I mean. What a great accomplishment. I’;m so happy for your both!

    GG – no need to omit the curse word for my mom. One of her sponsees (the girls she’s helped) said that my mom’s frequent response to something she (the sponsee) did was “Shit, Liz!”. That had the crowd roaring. My mom’s a sweet old lady, but by no means innocent. LOL. I mean that in the best way possible.

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