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Distracted by Summer Events

July 20, 2008

I started off by going into the garage to dig out some fabric and take some notions upstairs, and then to start sewing a new skirt. In sorting out some of my fabric stuff, I ended up reorganizing half the garage and getting that danged credenza pushed in the garage and out of my driveway. Then, I went over to check out the work my neighbor had done in his backyard for a kick-ass price by some hot young twenty-something kids. (No, Wendy, I’m not going to become a Valerie. LMAO.) But I am going to hire them eventually to do my yard. I’m hoping to do this in August, but we’ll see.

Then I carried stuff upstairs to the sewing room when my younger daughter suggested that we go into downtown Snohomish where they were having a street festival of sorts: Kla Ha Ya Days (say that three times fast!) So that’s what we did.  (And I wore my cute new black skirt… hee hee.)

They were having a classic car show and some booths of crafts and stuff. There was a booth where the lady had custom light switch plates and I was ready to drop about $25 there when she stated she didn’t have a card processing method. Then I asked her if she had a web site. No, she said, she had an e-Bay store front, but it got too expensive. So I suggested she get a WordPress blog.. but I digress.

Stacy and I walked up and down the main street three times, I think, including a couple trips up the hill to the tattoo shop where she hangs out and helps out. It’s good I’m not an impulsive person as I might have had a tattoo done today, with the mood I’ve been in. I earned some activity points though with all the walking, but I went over my daily points when I had a half order of halibut and chips. Oh, was it worth it. So, here are some pictures of the day for you.

The red in this car was unbelievable.


Of course, I *had* to take a picture of the pink car.


Stacy and I hanging out at a seafood grotto outdoor restaurant.




And the good bad food. I didn’t eat all this, but it was worth the points it did cost me.


Now… off to find a zero points snack so I don’t gain this week.

  1. July 21, 2008 12:28 pm

    Seriously, LM, you’re looking fabulous. You look beautiful and so vibrant. Yes vibrant. You also look to be anywhere in your early- to mid-thirties, so it wouldn’t surprise me if you up and pulled a Valerie.
    😉 Jus’ kiddin’.

    I go through strange moods where I get into making light switch plates, would it be possible for you to make one like the one you saw at the street fair? The ones I make a decoupage, is the type she had? Those are very easy and fun.

  2. July 21, 2008 12:29 pm

    Forgot to say I’m glad you had the fish and chips and didn’t beat yourself up over it. I bet it really was worth it, that plate looks so delicous.

  3. July 21, 2008 2:19 pm

    Wendy, thanks so much. I feel energetic. So much so that I ran down the hill racing my grandson home after walking two miles with my daughter and grandkids. Granted, I had to stop and catch my breath three times, but I was still running… or maybe a sort of low-impact jog.

    I could make those light switches. I’m sure they were decoupaged. They were only $5 each but I thought it would be fun to get my daughter Tinkerbell and Lightening McQueen (Cars) for Cayden.

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