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So Glad Today is Fun, er, Sunday

July 20, 2008

The good news is I’m back in the saddle and sewing. It really helped to have a deadline and an easy project to start with. I can’t believe it’s been probably over a year since the last time I sewed anything. When I had to get ready for my new hardwood floors to be installed, I had to pack everything up. Finally, things are back in place, and the machine is humming.

I am going to have to get a better sewing table however – eventually. Right now, though, I’ll put up with the wobble and the rattle the folding table makes when the machine really gets going.

Yesterday at Elise’s party, it was too cool in the morning to wear my new party dress, so I wore my standard issue black pants. I can’t get away with wearing these too much longer – and that’s good – because they are falling off me. YAY! Still, I have nothing else to wear, so I thought today I might whip up a quick and simple skirt. Just a couple seams, a hem, and either an elastic waistband or a zipper closing.

I’ve been scared to make any skirts for myself since the day I rode the bus and one of my skirts I made had split open at the seam. I blamed it on a big butt and bad fabric. Well, my butt’s a *bit* smaller these days, and I think I can use different fabric.

Anyway, I have a lot of projects on deck – reading pillows for the grandkids, for one. But I need clothes, so a quick skirt seemed to be a good idea.

Some of my pattern choices are as follows (many seem to be out of print):

Simplicity 5503

McCall’s 4717

Simplicity 5351 – I’ve made this before – the long version – but for it to hang right off my hips, it needed a heavier fabric than I used at the time.  (Looks to be out of print)

Simplicity 5065 (must be out of print)

Vogue 8040 (Out of Print)

image of V8040

McCalls 4783 – I like this one, but I’m not so sure about the side waist/hip panel. I might shorten that some, because it’s a cute skirt.

image of M4783

So the fun part now is deciding which one to make and which fabric to use. I’m happy I have a lot of choices at my disposal, but sometimes too many choices gives me analysis paralysis. LOL. I’m aiming for a shorter skirt – just below the knee, but I’m not sure. Thoughts?

  1. July 20, 2008 12:30 pm

    I like the Simplicity 5351 A LOT. It looks exactly like the stuff I’m attracted to in stores.
    I really like the model’s outfit on the cover. I know it’s technically too warm to wear boots right now, but there’s something about a skirt and boots that makes me feel energized, lighter even. It’s probably because unlike jeans or slacks, a skirt that length is easy to walk in and sliding on a pair of boots is a no-fuss kind of thing. Plus it looks nice, like you care about yourself. I often look like I don’t care about myself at all, so perhaps I should wear more skirts so I can fool people.

    Did the new Project Runway start? I heard this rumor at the breakfast table this morning and couldn’t believe my ears. Is it true?

  2. July 20, 2008 5:18 pm

    Wendy, I like that one too. It’s super simple to make and I may just try it again but with a heavier fabric, or use something on the hem to weigh it down. Although I made it before when I was heavier, so it could have been fat fluff that was making it ride up all the time. hee hee.

    I love boots too. I’ve always been unable to wear them after gaining weight, but I loved, loved, LOVED them as a teenager. When I hit my goal weight, I’m buying a pair!

  3. Bev permalink
    July 20, 2008 5:34 pm

    I started Simp 5503 (the 1st one) but stopped. I wear my skirts above my knees (gasp) and I realized I’d be cutting off all the flair so nixed it. Plus, I don’t like a very full skirt, so if I raised it to accomodate the flair, it would be fuller than I like. I have Simp 5351 and I think I made the short version on the right. If I didn’t, I was going to. Ha.

    Anyway, my only suggestion is just to watch the length of the pattern vs where you want it to actually fall. I love knits for skirts and don’t use anything else except if it’s a straight skirt. I think skirts are the easiest things to sew and I have more than I could ever possibly wear. It’s tops that mess me up and the fitting issues are so ridiculous that most of my skirts have nothing to go with them. Sigh.

  4. July 20, 2008 5:48 pm

    Bev – I had made 5503 a long time ago in a soft cotton for the one with the handkerchief hem. It was screwy and I couldn’t get that angled seam right. I’m in love with knits these days. I enjoy sewing with them once you get the hang of how to do it. They are so comfortable. And, hey, if you have the legs to wear your skirts short – you should! I would – maybe i will someday.

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