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Tired, but for good reasons

July 21, 2008

First, before I explain that, I want to acknowledge Mermaids who gave me an award. I don’t know much about Web awards but what she said about me really touched me. She said, “…for her amazingly upbeat and positive attitude.  Life keeps throwing her curve balls, but she keeps hitting them right out of the park.  Reading her blog reminds me to keep a positive attitude.”

Wow. Thank you, Mermaids.

Now, someone else about two weeks ago or so gave me one as well, and now I’m embarrassed to admit I can’t remember who it was. I chalk it up to being over my head with my mom’s party.

Anyway, all parties are done, and it’s back to work today. Although, I did take off for a couple hours to walk with my daughter and the two boys up to Subway for lunch and back. That was two miles, which is the same number of pounds I lost this week at WW weigh-in tonight! On the way back to the house from a brief stop at the park for Cayden to climb on the jungle gym and swing from the “monster” bars (otherwise known as monkey bars to most of us), he and I “raced” down the hill. Keep in mind his legs are half the length of mine, but that little tyke is FAST. I had to stop three times to keep up with him. And, yes, I did run – sort of. I am now exhausted and every muscle hurts, aches, burns, feels pinched, but whatever. The look on my little grandson’s face of utter joy and excitement as he looked up at me and said “Grandma, go!” makes it all worth it.

Now I have to get caught up with work, so I’d better make this a quick post. However, I will bestow some cuteness on you in the form of Evan and Cayden. Evan was so adorable and fell asleep in the jogging stroller holding his wagon wheel treat.

Evan gets to eat Gerber finger food while we have Subway.




Cayden on the “monster” bars and learning how to slide down the rope.

IMG_5648 IMG_5664

Dude has some crazy hat hair, plus Trixie and Daisy checking out whatever Evan might be eating.










Oops. He looked away for a minute.


Life is good. I need a nap.

  1. Bev permalink
    July 22, 2008 4:31 am

    Those scrumptious chubby cheeks are to die for.

    Congrats on another 2 pounds! Wow. You are doing so well!
    I’m continuing to walk with friends at work, even tho it’s like 100 degrees out. Can I sweat it off? ha

  2. July 22, 2008 5:54 am

    @Bev – I could just squeeze those cheeks all day, and his chubby thighs and tickle his belly. He’s knows who I am and has the biggest smile every time he sees me and his two little bottom teeth show. It’s just darling.

    I say, yes, you can sweat it off. I think I do sometimes.

  3. July 22, 2008 7:30 am

    you are most welcome. 🙂

    that little guy is totally squishable. i’m jealous.


    hee hee “squishable” is perfect.

  4. July 22, 2008 11:08 am

    Adorable kids! Squishable is such a great word for baby Evan. His food reminded me of how delicious those Arrowroot cookies used to be, remember those? So much tastier than Zweiback toast. In my opinion, anyway.

    Speaking of cookies, is it just me or did Girl Scout cookies used to be really delicious? I remember the peanutbutter ones were wer out of this world, but now I find all the GS cookies not only tasteless but over priced and I never buy them unless forced to out of guilt. Your thoughts, please.

    Wendy, I remember those cookies. But I think I used to just give my girls graham crackers and apples. The stuff they have these days is great, but can get really expensive. Girl Scout Cookies – ya, they are blah. I had a mint wafer a few months ago and wasn’t impressed. The peanut butter ones did used to be great. It’s the decline of quality for mass production, I think.

  5. July 22, 2008 11:29 am

    Congrats on your award and on the weight loss. I sort of sucked this week at WW after having two good weeks. I only lost .2 that is point two pounds. At least it’s something. I think it may have been me that gave you an award. See my post

    But don’t worry I know you’ve been busy. I don’t actually know how you do it all. I love the baby photos as always. Thanks for sharing your grandchildren with me.

    Joan, it *was* you who gave me the other award. I’ll have to follow up on that. I sometimes don’t know how I do it all either. I’m extremely tired today – chest congestion and cough courtesy of Cayden – and have to go to a meeting at Microsoft in a couple hours. I’d rather just sleep this afternoon, but I can’t. I also recalculated my daily points allowance and I’m down one point – meaning I have to make do with less. You know how that works.

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