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Project Runway, Season 5, Episode 3

July 31, 2008

Okay, snark fiends… let’s get started.

(WARNING: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the episode.)

Last night’s episode (7/30) could have had some great results, but it seems that these designers are not really blessed with an over-abundance of creativity. All the designers got to ride in a double-decker bus (with no top) through New York City – in the rain – and were given a camera to take pictures of their inspiration. They had complete control over their designs, what type of outfit it was to be, and what fabric to choose. The guest judge this week was Sandra Bernhard who didn’t offer up much in entertainment. In fact, her comments were rather tame overall.

Episode 3

Okay, here are the designs.

Let’s just start on a positive note, shall we? Here are the ones I liked.

Leanne’s design – Okay, I really liked this design. Her work last week was so horrible, and she’s still doing that loopy thing, but this time it worked. These are separates, and very wearable. However, have you noticed how terrified Leanne looks when the camera’s focused on her? Poor girl, she looks like a lost, abused puppy.

Korto’s design – reminds me of the 70s somehow. Not sure if it is, but I like this. Still, not a knock-it-out-of-the-park inspiring, creative outfit, but nice.

Terri’s design – they should have featured the back of this more. It was almost completely backless. Not sure I like the treatment around the wrists though.  I like the lightweight sheerer top/dress over the pants. And the colors are great. The judges liked this a lot too and I don’t know why they didn’t make this the winner. Tim Gunn’s blog calls it fuddy duddy and wonders if anyone would wear this like this? Would you?

Well, that’s about it for what I liked. Here are the rest.

Blayne’s design –  This just looks like he vomited in technicolor on a black jersey dress. Maybe his inspiration was the backdoor of a bar somewhere.

Daniel’s design. What is it with these people this season. Is there no creativity?

Jennifer’s design. Okay, this is just hideous, unless you are pregnant. The model seriously looks pregnant. This deserved to lose, but for some reason didn’t. Her inspiration was a clock face. She could have done all sorts of things with that.

Jerell’s design. Looks like a sad, Flamenco dancer gone wrong.

Joe’s design – Snooze…

Keith’s design – Michael Kors said this looked like a mess of toilet paper. It did.

Kelli’s design – WTH? I don’t get this at all. But I have to give her props for using more creativity than the rest of the gang.

Stella’s design – Boring. Uninspiring. Next…

Suede’s design – sort of cute, but again, uninspiring.

And the loser…

Emily’s design. If I recall correctly, there was some comment about Carmen Miranda made in reference to this. It’s awful, and deserved to lose. But not as much as Jennifer’s deserved to lose.

Kenley’s design – this was the winner. I don’t get the excitement over this. Apparently there’s some sort of fashion, creativity thing I’m not getting here. What woman in their right mind would want to look like they have one hip wider than the other, and wider than her shoulders, no less? I don’t get it. There were others (above) that to me looked far better. Hmmm.

So, there you have it.


Feel free to chat among yourselves and tell me what you think.


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  1. July 31, 2008 9:23 am

    I know!!! There was so much wrong with this episode!! I have to go read your other recaps.. WHO are you faves so far? and did you notice the thread hanging in the back of Heidi’s dress when she walked out? Even my hub noticed it (and don’t ask me why he was watching with me… I have NO idea. He hates the show but he behaved.)

    Curious, I don’t have a fave so far. I suspect there are some hidden gems in there, like Terri and Korto, but there are too many to tell. There certainly aren’t the stand-out entertaining ones like Chris and Christian were last year. These young girls to me are just bland and drab in person, although Leanne seems to have potential, if she just didn’t come across as so terrified and unsure of herself. I didn’t notice the thread in Heidi. I’m usually just gawking at her incredibly long legs and wishing I looked like that.

  2. July 31, 2008 10:31 am

    I agree , this would not be my choice at all.. I liked Terry’s and Leanns… how in the heck did Kenley win.It was such a weird dress. I would never wear it thats for sure..and is Sandra Bernhard in the fashion world.. I thought she was a comedian…I just glad its getting down to fewer. I think some of them are getting scared. I could talk more.. but i’ll stop for now.. 😀

    Cici, I think they had Sandra on there because she’s a New Yorker? Also, I read briefly somewhere that she’s supposed to know a bit about fashion now. Go figure.

  3. August 1, 2008 7:28 am

    I’m finally caught up, I saw this episode and forced Buck to watch it with me. Buck, however, lost all concentration once Sandra Bernhard appeared on the screen. He kept demanding to know why she was there and what’s “wrong” with her. I had to explain her whole fashion connection, and what’s “wrong” I believe is maybe just the fact she’s probably not on drugs anymore and no longer weighs 100 pounds. Given the fact she’s 53 now, I thought she looked pretty good, not a line on her face. Resylane maybe?

    But Buck and I both agreed that Leanne should have won and we were rather shocked when she didn’t. I really thought the judges were choosing her by the way they were talking.

    Terri’s design is something I would definitely wear if I were very thin. What appealed to me was that it looked very comfy and fun…I wouldn’t care if some people were snickering behind my back. Because of the wrist action, however, I would only wear it to a party or someplace where I didn’t have to do anything with my hands other than hold a martini glass.

    Kenley’s winning design shocked Buck and I. We thought it was hideous and incredibly stupid. I agreed with Sandra Bernhard that it made one thigh look bigger than the other. Can’t believe they chose it to win.

    Was it Kenley’s photograph that was out-of-focus and not on purpose? One of them had a photo that was just AWFUL, I couldn’t believe how bad it was given that she used a camera with auto-focus capabilities. Why didn’t the PRunway people give them a quick lesson on how to use those cameras?

    Wendy – Tell Buck I’m glad you made him watch with you. It’s refreshing to have a guy’s opinion, and one who doesn’t sew and lives in bathrobes, nonetheless. 🙂 I’m with you on every comment. The winning design was horrendous, stupid, and something I’d never be caught standing near for fear just proximity would make me look hippier – and dippier – than I do now. LOL.

  4. August 1, 2008 7:30 am

    👿 Restylane, not Resylane.


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