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While You Were Listening to Music

August 2, 2008

Or, what I did yesterday…

The weather here has been getting to me, so I got off my duff and went and took a walk with Lily. Lily and I don’t walk together too much, and that’s my fault, not hers. She’s a good doggie, although she likes to ride in my arms as much as she likes to walk. The road up at the top of my hill is a busy four-lane road and even though there are buffers and sidewalks along it, the loud trucks that go by seem to startle and scare little Lily.

Still, I wanted to see how far it was to walk to the off-leash dog park (it’s two miles round trip, as measured by my car odometer) because right next to it is a nice hill that one can sit down on and take in an incredible view of the valley and distant mountains. So, walk we did.

We got up there and I was surprised because my grassy hill was now all dried dirt. Apparently the county decided to do some sort of work involving digging along that area. Lily and I sat down and enjoyed the view anyway.


(See, not a grassy knoll by any definition.)

Lily cuddling on my lap and looking out…


Some of the view…




The clouds have brought rain and overcast, cool days to what should be a nice, hot summer. It’s been hovering between 60 and 65 for the last three days or so, with rain just about every night. That means the lawns stay greener and I save on my water bill, but still… come on, folks. I want summer. If it weren’t for family here, I think I’d have moved a long time ago.

Last night, after walking, I went and babysat the three grandkids. This was fun. Sort of. Well, of course, it’s always fun, especially because Elise and Cayden are bigger now, and Elise is a real helper when it comes to Evan. Cayden is also almost fully potty trained, so no diaper changing on my end there any more. YAY. Good job, Cindy.

Evan, however, just would not take a bottle and wanted absolutely nothing but his mommy. His mommy, daddy, and his uncle Jared (Cody’s younger brother) went out to Seattle because it was Jared’s last day in town. He has to go home to Bakersfield today. Poor Evan. He was a mess. Awake every 90 minutes and crying for 45. Nothing I could do would work other than to stand and hold him and rock him. Oh, my back.

Anyway, the kids got home safely after having a great evening, and I’ll recuperate today. Here are some pictures I took of them the day before while they were all three playing and pretending they were on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Cayden drinking my water. What is it about him and my water? My water tastes better to him than any water. LOL. And last night both he and Elise drank up all my water.



A new fashion statement.


Hats on, hats off.






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