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A Little This and That, but Mostly Sewing

August 3, 2008

The sun is out and there is so much that I should be doing, but dammit – I’m going to sew today. Or at least do something sewing related. So, I am.

Simplicity 2977

I’m starting with Simplicity 2977, the knit skirt. I am doing something I’ve never done before, which is to actually trace the pattern and not cut the tissue. This is because my body is changing so quickly and I like this pattern – at least the look of it – that I don’t want to have to buy multiple versions of it.

IMG_5891So, here I am tracing the tissue, along with my furry helper. I’m trying to determine what size to cut out, and I don’t have enough crappy knit fabric  to use for a muslin, so I’m trying to tissue fit for now. I never buy crappy fabric, so even the knits I think I’d never want to wear are nice and could be used for trim or something.


(By the way, in measuring myself, I learned that I’ve lost nearly THREE INCHES off my hips! How cool is that? )

IMG_5888So, back to the fabric choices. I bought this inexpensive, but nice and drapey knit recently intending to make a top from it, but I think it will make a lovely skirt. So this is what I’m going to use for my first version of this skirt. I have a matching pink that I’m going to use for the coordinating top.



Copying store-bought skirts

I’ve also played around with trying to figure out making a pattern from this store-bought skirt I got – and LOVE – from Walmart. It’s just two pieces and the front is wider than the back, which I find rather odd. IMG_5889One would think that the back would be wider to compensate for the butt fluff. Maybe it’s a manufacturing defect. The length is 25 inches and the hip (about 9″ from the waist) is approximately 52 around. This gives a nice amount of ease.  This leads me to believe that I should be cutting out the (choke…) size 24 from the pattern. Now, before those who don’t know about pattern sizes go all freaky, pattern sizes do NOT match store bought sizes. That store bought skirt above is a 12-14, and I am not a store-bought size 24. However, my head fights with the numbers just like anyone else’s would. I have to ignore those numbers… I know! I can just renumber them 0 through 4 like Chico’s and other stores do. There, now that feels better. Aaaah.

The case of the disappearing tape measure

Moving on…do your tape measures ever disappear? Mine usually get carted off with some sort of clicking/meowing sound. LOL


More fabric choices

And I forgot to show you the pretty fabric I got for silly cheap that I’ll be sewing up after this skirt. I’m into the aqua lately. On top is a blue poly knit for tops, and the others are some sort of soft pique cotton. They’re already washed and ready to go, and oh so soft.


Here’s another view of the blue and black print. I love this print. And yes, there’s two pieces of the blue and black print because it was only $2.80 a yard and Hancock’s had two pieces – one was 2 yards, the other about a yard.


Here’s a handy tip.

For tracing patterns, I’m using parchment paper. I bought a few rolls during the holiday cookie-making season for something like 97 cents a box. Cheap, which is just how I like it. Saves my money for the finer things, like nicer fabric.

The continuing saga of hair salons

And for non-sewing related info, I have to go back to the expensive salon where I just got my color and cut for a couple reasons. One, they RUINED one of my tops. When the girl washed out my hair, she didn’t put a towel wherever she should to stop the bleach from running down my back. I now have a nice lighter pink semi-circle on my only pink top. Good thing I know how to sew. Still, that shouldn’t have happened. Plus, the girl doing the cut totally screwed up my bangs and they flip out instead of under how I like. EWWW. So, they’re giving me a gift certificate towards my next visit. Overall, it’s way better than the other girl at the local salon, so I’m still happy.

  1. August 3, 2008 2:40 pm

    the fabrics are gorgeous! love those colors. they will look terrific on you.

    as for the pattern sizes….ottobre uses metric sizes which really bear no resemblance to the sizes you see in the store. it can be a huge comfort for those who are easily shocked by pattern sizes.

    i saw your skirt in walmart. it *is* very cute.

    Thanks, Teri. I love the pretty blue and black on white. I am just testing out these new patterns before I cut into it because I do want to enjoy wearing it, so it’s worth doing right. I’m not too worried about the sizes, seeing as my inches are decreasing, not increasing. But there was a time I hated thinking what size it was, and I know it freaks a lot of people out.

  2. August 4, 2008 11:21 am

    I can’t comment on the technical aspect of sewing but I do love the fabrics you’ve chosen. As for the salon, I’m glad you’ve gone back to the one you like best. The gift certicate is such a great gesture on their part. Some salons would blame you for wearing a “good” shirt on a day you’re getting color. They sound very professional and value you as a client, and that’s everything these days! 🙂

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