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Project Runway, Season 5, Episode 4

August 9, 2008

Okay, better late than never. Sorry folks. No breaking news here, but it did occur to me that maybe some of those reading this actually don’t have access to Bravo TV or a DVR, so might not otherwise have a chance to see what all the fuss is about – well unless they go online to Bravo TV.  So, let’s review.

This week’s challenge tied into the Olympics – no surprise there, since the Olympics started yesterday (08/08/08). The guest judge was Apollo Ohno, five time Olympic medalist and speed skater. The challenge was to design an outfit for a woman athlete to wear at the opening ceremonies. (It occurred to me as I write this that I wonder why they didn’t get a woman athlete as a guest judge, why a man? )

It’s funny to me how each week they spotlight different designers. I suppose with so many right now, there’s no other option. This week they showed a lot about Terri, whose work I like. But they also showed Joe, who comes off pretty cocky, especially this week since he apparently has a sportswear background and two daughters who play soccer. To me, daughters playing soccer does not equate to an opening day ceremony to spotlight the USA and a woman athlete’s fabulous body.

So, let’s get started with the designs. Keep in mind, the idea is that these would be worn in Beijing too, where it will be hot.

 Blayne. He’s apparently only got one style he knows so far, and that’s the asymmetrical top. Maybe he doesn’t know how to sew a set in sleeve. This is just boring to me, and paired with brown heels?


Daniel – Michael Kors asked if she was from the “Republic of Cocktails”. Daniel was afraid of making her look like Wonder Woman, so ditched the idea of a red bolero jacket. Tim Gunn encouraged him to go with it, Michael Kors said what better time to look like a superhero than at the Olympics where they *are* super heroes of sorts, and Kenley told him not to make the jacket.

(As an aside, there’s something supposedly going on with Kenley and Daniel – or at least the producers of the show are slanting it that way. I think they want you to think there’s some undertone of flirting going on, unless Daniel’s gay, and I haven’t figured that out yet either. My take was that Kenley was manipulating Daniel, she picked up on his insecurity, and played him to her advantage. Watch out for her.)

Kenley – Speaking of Miss Manipulator-40s Glamour Girl Wannabe – Where’s the USA in this? Cute skirt, cute outfit, but athletic? USA? Nope. The design itself isn’t very original either, I don’t think.

Jerell – Now this is just sad. This makes me think of a mix between Scarlett O’Hara and Little Bo Peep. Whatever was he thinking? Seriously. If that hat were toddler size it would be cute – but only then, and only in that size.

Joe – Here’s his sportswear inspired design, and I have to admit, it’s quite good, but unoriginal, really. A skort (skirt/shorts combination) and a top. The most original thing he did was to mix the red and blue zippers, which was sort of clever. I don’t like the longer flap of the skort in the front, either. Everyone seemed to forget that these ladies would have awesome, well-defined, long and lean legs and bodies. Why are they covering them up?

Keith – This got very little mention because there’s not too much mentionable about it. I like the skirt, and I like the way he used a lightweight fabric for it. I don’t like the long red and blue scarves going down the front. I think if he’d put something in the vest/top instead, that would have been better.

Kelli – When I saw the clip of Michael Kors saying “Where is she from? The Republic of Cocktails?”, I thought he was referring to this design. This looks to me like a Denny’s waitress outfit for the Fourth of July. ‘Nuf said.

Suede – This looks more like a high-school cheerleader’s outfit than an Olympic athlete’s outfit. Maybe this says more about his alter ego than the challenge.

Stella – this is halfway respectable, but only halfway. Why does she insist on showing the navel? That just looks weird to me – like the zipper broke or something. And bordering on hoochie too. The shoes just don’t look right either. Her thought process was “gladiator”, she kept saying. I see more futuristic space age warrior in the sleeve treatments instead.

Leanne – This looks to me like someone in the Hamptons going off to play tennis – or rather, what I imagine someone there would be wearing, because of course, I’ve never been there and don’t know anyone who has. What are the side black or blue treatments around her bust? They look like little spider tentacles coming from behind to grope her.

Terri – The judges gave this one high marks. I think it’s well done, but I would have lost the red fluffy thing on the chest. It distracts from the overall look. And to think she knocked out that jacket and pants in a day? That’s impressive.


And finally, the losing design…

Jennifer – the judges got this one totally right. There is absolutely nothing about this that answers the challenge. Nothing. It’s a darling skirt, and a prim, twenty-something girl could wear this out to dinner quite nicely. But it’s not athletic and it doesn’t say USA.


Korto – The judges got this one right too. I love everything about this. That vest is made of a lightweight white leather, and the pants are linen – loose, breezy, cool, sharp, and overall, CHIC. I love it. I’d wear it and I’m not an athlete, and I’m not so much into the Olympics – except for swimming and gymnastics.


So here’s who’s left. I predict we should keep an eye on Korto and Terri. None of the men yet are impressing me. What do you think?



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I’m off to the sewing room to get that skirt finished today! Holla back atcha later! LOL

  1. August 9, 2008 7:45 am

    How about I am probably one of the only persons’ in the world who is not nor has never watch Project Runway. I just don’t care about most of these types of shows, any competition type reality shows. I think part is I just don’t have time to sit, and/or plan to watch shows that have to be watched in an order so to speak. When I do get a chance to watch TV I want something entertaining, non-thought provoking 😆 I usually watch a Law & Order, CSI, something like that. Going to school full-time, wanting to sew, having 3 kids (2 still at home), and 12 acres just fills my time without tv. I find it funny how many people assume everyone is watching these shows, is all. I’m sure it isn’t a bad show since so many are watching. And I have a DVR, but generally in use by DH or kids’ shows – I’m usually reading or sewing 😆

  2. August 9, 2008 7:49 am

    Hi Laura – you are right. Not everyone in the world is watching it, so maybe it’s fun just to skim through it here. I wouldn’t likely have time to do any of this if I still had kids at home who needed me, that’s for sure. And twelve acres! Wow! I also like Law & Order and CSI. I can’t wait for them to come back on. Do you like Criminal Minds? That’s another good one that had a great cliff hanger. I can’t wait till the Vegas CSI comes back on and we see if Warwick really was killed. I hope not. I liked him.

  3. August 9, 2008 8:03 am

    great review!

    However, I actually liked Joe’s best. But Korto’s is great, too!

    With friendship,

    Hi Lisa – Joe’s certainly was a contender and the most athletic looking one of them all, that’s for sure. Hope you are resting up, my dear.

  4. croneandbearit permalink
    August 9, 2008 1:39 pm

    Hi – Like your blog! Personally, I loved Korto’s design and I think her design would have looked much better than the Ralph Lauren suit the athletes actually wore – black and white w/white caps was so boring to me. I love to sew, always seem to start but don’t always finish. cheers, Linda

    Hi Linda, thanks, and thanks for stopping by. I hope you come back. I didn’t watch the opening ceremonies. I guess I don’t have the attention span for them. You should keep sewing if you can – try small projects, I find them the easiest for instant gratification.

  5. August 9, 2008 4:28 pm

    Great post. I was so happy for Korto. She really nailed this one. It would have been nice if they actually used it for opening game.

    I agree with you, Cici – about them using it for the opening ceremonies, that is. Glad you liked my post. I’ll try to be on time this next week.

  6. August 10, 2008 5:27 am

    Joe had to keep the skirt long so the USA on the side wouldn’t just be US? It looked out of proportion. The producers usually always only show the designers who will make the top or worst 3 – at least for these first shows…

    Your comments for all the looks are spot on! I agreed with the winner and loser. Except, I wish Jennifer had been gone the week before and I wonder what Emily would have done for this week’s challenge. oh well.

    I’ve been meaning to watch the opening ceremonies to see if Ralph did good!

    Curious – I saw over on Project Rungay that Joe had USA on the back of the jacket too, so maybe he didn’t need it on the front. I’m going from memory of what they posted, so I could be quoting the wrong designer. Old age, short term memory loss and all that. LOL. Not that I’m old…. I’m not… LOL

  7. Angela permalink
    August 10, 2008 4:11 pm

    I love this season. Great talent. BTW, anyone her playing the last 2 game this year. I think the deadline is this week.

  8. August 10, 2008 4:34 pm

    Ooh, I love Project runway, but its not on my must watch list … love to catch it from time to time. Glad to see you blog about it so i can keep current!

  9. ari permalink
    August 19, 2008 9:05 am

    I completely agree with most of your comments, I just liked Terri’s more than Korto’s. And I didn’t think Blayne’s was all that bad considering some of the others. I just would have liked it better if he had used red and blue and not pink and aqua.

    p.s. Daniel is gay and is actually dating Wesley who already went home earlier this season. Andy discussed it with Wesley the week he was eliminated on the online post-show.

    Keep up the great recaps! I love them.

    Thanks Ari, I keep forgetting to go see Andy’s recaps as well. Good info about Daniel. I suspected that Daniel was gay originally, but it makes you wonder when they edit the footage the way they do. Glad you like my recaps.


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