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Project Runway, Season 5, Episode 5

August 14, 2008

This week was a challenge I could relate to, so not so much snark today. Feel free to add your own, however.

Who has seen Brooke Shields in Lipstick Jungle? Brooke was this week’s guest judge and the challenge was to create a design that her character would wear that could go from corporate boardroom to cocktail party or other evening event. The women in that show are stylish, chic, and slim. There’s nothing casual about what they wear, and they are all high-income professionals. In fact, one of the leading ladies in the show, and a close friend to Brooke’s character, is a fashion designer, so you can imagine that anything Brooke’s character, Wendy, wears has to pass muster.

The other kicker was the contestants had to work in teams and Brooke chose the team captains. That was an interesting segment. Poor Stella, our leathuh girl, was chosen last.

So, with those criteria, I think all the contestants tried to keep to the point, except Blayne. He was way off the mark. So, let’s start with him once more, shall we?  (By the way, each team lead is the first name mentioned below.)

Blayne and Leanne – There is absolutely nothing about this that says boardroom or cocktail party. It looks like a mish-mosh of Old Navy rejects. When she took the blouse off, it looked like two tank tops put together. Heidi said it looked like she didn’t have a mirror. I hate the look of those shorts. Walking shorts can look chic, but those are the wrong color and too tight. Now, had they been a pinstripe of some sort, and a different, more elegant top, it might have worked. This failed miserably, in my opinion.

Jerell and Stella – Remember our girl who was chosen last? What happened to her gothic-hoochie-dominatrix look? Granted it’s Jerell’s design, but still. This is striking and I’d wear this in a heartbeat. This was incredible. She did the leather midsection. I love the whole look of this – the colors, the silhouette, the fabrics. Sign me up. Brooke thought the belt was “too much going on”, but Heidi disagreed. If I recall correctly, this was Heidi’s favorite. I’m inspired to try something like this someday. (And I’ll admit, the clips they showed of Jerell and Stella working together was really kinda cute. Stella is so tiny compared to Jerell, and she looked almost sweet.)

Joe and Korto – They rescued this one from a fate that Tim called Sweet Potato Jacket. I like the colors, they are fresh, and the slim dress under the jacket was simple as to not detract from the design of the jacket. I wish I had a shot of the back of the sheath dress because it had a cool cutout. I liked this one too, although I don’t think I could handle wearing those super full sleeves. Seems like the designers are stepping up their game, or the collaboration of the team approach is working.

Terri and Suede – I adore this top. This was so cute and I wish I had a better picture of it. Not a dramatic change between boardroom and evening, and I’m not so sure how well this top and the pencil thin pants works in a boardroom, but she’s a TV executive, so I guess it would work. This is cute, cute. On the downside, however, it seems better suited to a twenty-something young woman than a late thirties, early forties executive, but what do I know? Here I am at forty-something and I’d try to wear it – when my legs get that skinny.


And for the loser….

Kelli and Daniel – Kelli, Kelli, Kelli. You’re out. This had potential, but it was just poorly executed. Taking the jacket off you’re left with a corset of some sort and a midriff peeking through. This just didn’t work at all. They had to make the skirt twice, and poor Daniel looked like a lost puppy dog. My guess is he’s next, but we’ll see.

Oh, and let me digress here for just a moment. Daniel had a chance to defend himself and said something about his high design aesthetic and Kenley, who was standing next to him, broke out into a fit of bitchy laughter. Heidi asked her what was so funny. I don’t know if she answered or if they edited it out, but it made Kenley look like a total beeyatch, which I am thinking she is – arrogant and full of herself. I’m not impressed with her whatsoever. Pure meanness is never attractive, I don’t care how good your designs are.


And for the winner! This design will be featured in Season 2 of Lipstick Jungle! That’s a huge prize. Kudos to Keith.

Keith and Kenley – Keith! Rock on. The close up of this is fantabulous. I absolutely love the sheer top and the colors in it. The top unties somehow and then the shoulders are exposed for an evening look. Very clever. The skirt is waves of soft chiffon or similar lightweight material and it’s not too heavy with all the layers, but has enough structure and is nice and floaty.

So, who’s left?


Next week’s challenge is designing for a team of drag queens, and I think Chris from Season 4, guest stars. My prediction is that Daniel or Joe are out-ed. What’s your prediction?


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  1. August 14, 2008 7:42 am

    i am enjoying your recaps…even tho i watch the show. kenly gets on my nerves. the laugh is annoying. last night, the laugh was soooo unprofessional and immature. granted, daniel goes on and on about his aesthetic and taste, which i personally do not see. however, to LOL at that moment was just mean on her part.

    jerrell impressed me with the way he said nice things to stella when she was picked last. i was always picked last for sports teams. i know how awful that feels. jerrell was smart to use stella talents for the leather work. that’s a good businessman. he knows how to get the best out of people. i think his design should have won, but the other one was pretty good too.

    for the “sweet potato” jacket, i would have cropped it really short and tailored the bodice, leaving the big sleeves for lots of drama. blaine needs to start listening to the judges and stop thinking that he knows it all. those shorts were a hot mess.

    Teri – I like your idea of cropping the jacket really short too. I like Jerrell too. Perhaps we should keep an eye on him. He definitely has the art of diplomacy, at least.

  2. Bev permalink
    August 14, 2008 11:10 am

    I completely agree with you on all counts. I was wavering back and forth between Jerrell and Keith for the win, so either way it was good. I cannot stand Kenley, either – how rude. I don’t like the 40s stuff she makes nor how she dresses the part herself, but now she’s just acting like an 8th grade girl. Ugh.

    And I loved the “sweet potato” ensemble – I also thought the dress was really nice and the whole outfit looked great in those colors.

    Bev – I’m with you. I’m not a fan of Kenley, never really have been because I can’t see past the 40s facade she hides behind. I think there’s someone else inside there, and her cattiness only shows up her insecurities.

  3. August 14, 2008 4:11 pm

    Yeah,, I don’t think we got all of the story on that laugh… maybe it was edited out. They changed the subject way to quickly. I am happy for Keith. It was a smart outfit. I was surprized when they judges disagreed with Brooke about Jerrell’s dress. She said she didnt like the belt and they said they loved it. I think that’s why she went with Keith and Kenley. Terry and Suede really freaked out and Tim Gun helped them to be confident with their choice. This was the first time Tim had positive things to say about all the designs, even Blayne’s. The show is starting to get interesting. I am a little worried for Daniel. He looks totally scared to death.

    Cici – you’re right. We probably won’t know all there is to know about the laughing incident. I think Daniel will be the next to go, unless he totally steps up his game.

  4. cabsplace permalink
    August 14, 2008 9:22 pm

    Hey chickie,
    You made it onto the home page of wordpress blogs with this one. I logged on tonight and saw your pretty face. Nice! Way to go! I want to do that someday! LOL!
    Sign me not, Little Miss Sew and Sew, but Little Sis, Just So You Know…hahaha!

    Wow, really? How cool is that. Everyone, meet my sis, Cat – and yes, we do look alike. I’ve blogged about her here before, but she has to read through ALL my posts to find it. I’m not telling. Hee hee.

  5. cabsplace permalink
    August 14, 2008 9:28 pm

    Oh, yeah, and now after the fact I go back and actually read what you wrote…Nicely done. I like how you come to your conclusions though I’m the person who dresses in the Old Navy rejects, so what the heck do I know about fashion. I have even less of a clue about how to put fabrics, textures and design together. Bleh! I’ll leave you to that. I’ll just go watch “So You Think You Can Dance” and pretend I know anything about that too. Oh, I forgot, season’s over. Okay, something else then.

    Well, I get the sewing bug from YKW (you know who – our mom). All my readers need to know that in this case, fabric addition was definitely genetic. And, Cat, I’m not so sure I know anything about fashion either. I just know what I like, and what I think looks good on a body. Whether that’s fashionable or not, someone else can decide. Right?

  6. August 15, 2008 3:24 pm

    Yes, great recap! and nice to meet Sis, too.

    RE: the PR. I took notes thinking I am going to post on it but you do SUCH A GREAT JOB. I was actually excited to see a team episode even if I think they get unfair when somebody has to leave. oh well. I was thoroughly sad for Suede and Terri and how they just didn’t GET each other. and you are right – I was impressed with the Jerrell Stella coordination and cooperative spirit. I wish Blaine had been dismissed but he gives that stupid element of drama for such a show and that’s the one thing I hate abt reality TV.

    Thanks, Curious. I’m glad you’re enjoying my recaps. My prediction is either Blayne or Daniel are the next to go. Blayne could surprise us, if he listens to the judges for a change and gets over himself.

  7. August 18, 2008 4:11 pm

    I really look forward to your excellent review of the show each week, and now this is how I’ll have to follow it since they’re not showing it online. I love that top by Terri and Suede and I’d stuff myself into it, but I agree it’s not really a boardroom/cocktail party ensemble. But is there something wrong with Blayne? How does he escape the judges every week and stay on the show? And LOL at the Old Navy rejects, you’re so right about that.

    Well, now I’m going to work extra hard to make sure I get all the important and juicy points in each post. Dang, I really wish I had a TV tuner card on my PC cuz then I could grab some nifty screen shots. I could get Daniel’s lost, scared puppy dog look, or Blayne’s “I love myself so much” look. LOL.


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