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Seahawk Saturday and Telemarketers

August 17, 2008

We had a great time. Mom and I took the regular Metro bus to downtown Seattle. We experienced a bit of old-fashioned gentlemanly courtesy. When we got on, the bus was full, but a young man (30ish?) gave up his seat for mom, and then another one gave up his seat for me so I could sit next to mom. How nice was that? I don’t see that often these days. Usually young men just don’t seem to know old-fashioned manners like that anymore. But I digress…


We got there early and stopped to have a sandwich at a Starbucks near Qwest Field. We inadvertently sat down at the table that has the outlets for computers and some guy came by and sat down opposite us. Within minutes he had his stuff out all over the table – no computer – just his cell phone plugged in and a phone book with markings all in it.  He gets on the phone and starts calling people. “Hi, My name is Keevy. Are you set for life or are your business options open?” CLICK. “Hi, My name is Keevy…” and on he goes.

(Seriously. What sort of opening line is that? That would make me hang up in an instant.)

Mom had to go to the restroom and so Keevy starts chatting me up. Uh oh.

“How are you today?” he asks.

“Fine, how are you?” I replied automatically.

“Do you live in Seattle?”

“No. Eastside.”


“Bellevue,” I lied.

“Really nice dress you’re wearing.”

“Um. It’s a top.”

“Do you have 15 minutes? I’d like to show you something important.”

“No, actually, I don’t,” I lied again, because it was still an hour or more before the game was going to start and it was hot outside.

At this point I started packing stuff up because when mom came back we were going whether she was ready or not. Argh. Damn telemarketers. We could have hung out there where it was nice and cool. Later, it occurred to me that the Starbucks people should have stopped him from soliciting patrons. Maybe I’ll write them a letter…

Anyway, we were halfway to the stadium and mom said her back was killing her. She has some serious back issues that make mine pale in comparison. She needed Tylenol and I didn’t have any, so we scouted out a first aid station after we stopped and put our stuff at our seats. We ended up hanging out in the first aid station with two of Seattle’s finest paramedics (Marina and Christopher – you rock) while mom cooled off, I found her some ice water, and she took her Tylenol.

Now all’s good, mom feels better, and we go sit in our seats and really enjoyed the game. The sun didn’t go behind the stadium until about 7:30 (game started at 6) so it was pretty hot. I can handle it, but I was worried about mom. She did well, however. Some female Bears fan behind me, however, kept deciding to whistle this ear-piercing whistle and I think my eardrum shattered at one point. Next time I need to remember earplugs.

Here are some pictures of the game, and the beautiful sunset out over the sound that I captured from our seats. What a view.

Me and mom enjoying the breeze and sun.


The view before the game started, depending on where you looked. LOL.




My guy #51 – Lofah Tatupu – front and center:


The sunset – absolutely beautiful.




Today, believe it or not, I’m going to enjoy the sun some more. And the grandbabies. And then catch up on work when it cools down this evening.

Have a great Sunday!

  1. August 17, 2008 12:17 pm

    I love the photo of you and your mom. You are like my daughter. When she and I are together she is always making sure I am OK. She must ask me 100 times. I love it. It sounds like you had a great day except for the dumbass telemarketer. I hate to think what my daughter would have said to him if he started his spiel with her. All the photos are wonderful.

    I like your Meez.

    You should have taken a video of the dumbass telemarketer and put him on You Tube.

    Dang, I wish I’d thought of that, Joan. That would have been too funny. I sometimes wonder if my mom gets irritated with me asking her if she’s okay or needs anything. I don’t think she gets annoyed. She might have when she was a bit younger, but now I think she appreciates it. Her attitude is changing. At 88 she looks pretty great, eh?

  2. August 17, 2008 2:32 pm

    Nice story, but I agree that people should be prevented from approaching people in a shop to sell them something that they want nothing to do with.

    Right, Joe. It’s called solicitation. Some stores I go to – like my local Target – have signs up that tell the customers they are deliberately prohibiting solications. No Salvation Army, nothing. The problem with that guy is that unless the Starbucks employees were paying attention -they were NOT – he looks like he’s just doing some homework and chatting on the phone.

  3. August 17, 2008 3:36 pm

    ugh. i got caught next to a pampered chef woman on the 45 minute airport shuttle ride. i like pampered chef as much as the next person, but didn’t want to order anything at that particular moment. she was just so pushy….and annoying…and i was trapped.

    That’s just as bad, Teri. Ugh. At least I could get up and leave. You were totally trapped. I’m not sure how I’d handle that. I’d probably end up being rude or something. Maybe not.

  4. August 17, 2008 4:48 pm

    Oh my God what a beautiful day! I miss the ocean so much I think I can smell it sometimes…which is physically impossible here. The photos were wonderful, love the one of you and Mom.

    I can’t believe the telemarketer! What an a-hole! I’m sure what he was doing is against the law. And can you imagine having him call you? I hope he checks the national Do Not Call list regularly.
    Yeah, right.

    It’s been great weather – all up until today (Monday) and now it’s raining. Wow. Rain in Seattle? Go figure. LOL. Mom had fun tho. Ya, I bet if I mentioned Do Not Call list to him he’d look like a deer in the headlights. He didn’t seem to have all his marbles with him. Or wasn’t playing with a full deck, or the elevator didn’t go to the top, or….

  5. Bev permalink
    August 18, 2008 3:04 pm

    I know somebody has to be a telemarketer, and I kinda feel for them. That does NOT make me want to listen to them, tho. I suspect they are under a ton of pressure to make sales and unfortunately, the hard sell approach must be the only way they can think of. Does anyone ever buy from these people?

    Sounds like a great day! We’re having unseasonably beautiful and mild weather here as well. What’s coming? 🙂

    I am grateful, Bev, that I don’t have to resort to doing that work. I’d rather be a garbage collector than have that job. Although garbage collectors make pretty good money, from what I hear.

  6. sanderlou permalink
    August 19, 2008 4:47 pm

    Hey Cody here, I wanted to inform you that “Lofah” is actually spelled Lofa. hehehe for a change I am correcting you. =0)

    OMGosh! Hi Cody. You are right! I should have checked first. What was I thinking? Glad you took that opportunity to correct me…. you might not get another chance…

    Hey everyone – Cody is my son-in-law. Say Hi to Cody!


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