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It’s LOFA, You Ding Dong. Can’t You Edit?

August 19, 2008

From now on, I’m deferring all the editing of my Seahawks related posts to my son-in-law, Cody. He’s soooo right to call me out on my error. I’m totally embarrassed. Jeebus – I’m a professional editor and I didn’t even check the spelling of the guy’s name. D’OH! And I even profess that Lofa Tatupu #51 of the Seattle Seahawks is my favorite player. Well, that’s the jersey I picked, anyway. At least I spelled Tatupu correctly.

Cody – are you sure you don’t want to be an editor? 🙂 Better yet, dude, you need a blog. How about a Seahawks related blog? Yes, I think you should. I’ll be talking to your wife about that. hehehe.


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