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Can Stylish Be Comfortable? Plus WW Update

August 26, 2008

I certainly hope so. My mother has to be one of the most stylish women I know. She grew up in the glamour of the 30s and 40s and has always been so well put together. Still at 88, she amazes me with her perfectly pedicured toenails in screaming hot pink and black sandals adorned with rhinestones, just like these:


When I saw her Sunday, she had a new pair of red sandals and ever since, I’ve had a hankering for red shoes. I’ve never owned red shoes. I’ve had hot pink, but not red. I think I’m ready for red.

Particularly, I want these for my date on Saturday.



How adorable are those? And they look like they’d be very comfortable for walking around all day. (The alternative is a pair of very athletic, but comfortable, ECCO sandals that just make my feet look dumpy. Um, not the look I’m going for any more.)

There’s an outlet mall just north of where I live that has a Sketchers store, so I’m going to check them out (probably, I’ll call first). I think those, with a nice pair of black cotton twill capris or long Bermuda shorts and a white or red tank top would be awesome. Anyway, that’s what I have in my head to wear. We’ll see… I hope to get pictures of me before I go out. I don’t think I’ll have time to sew anything up, and besides, I don’t have any red or black solid fabric. How weird is that?

Weight Watchers Update:

Last night, I got another award. I’ve lost a total of 36 pounds now! I’m so close to hitting a huge milestone that I can smell it. Not my final milestone, but a significant halfway mark. I know the walking this next weekend will certainly help, if I can continue to make good food choices. That super hot dress I want for Christmas is looking like a reality! Now I’ll have to go window shopping for ideas.

  1. Bev permalink
    August 26, 2008 11:17 am

    Oh my gawd I love those shoes! I bet they will be fantastic looking on you. Luv luv ’em.

    Well, I made some calls and found that the only way to get them is online, so it looks like I’ll be calling or and having them sent overnight, if I want to have them for Saturday, plus time to wear them in a bit so I don’t get blisters. They are just the cutest shoes.

  2. August 26, 2008 12:48 pm

    Congratulations.. I am loving the shoes. i think I need some red shoes too. You know we are all anxious for you and your date. Will you tell him all about us??? lol.

    Cici- you are sweet. Eventually, I suppose I will have to, huh? *smile* That is, if he keeps calling, emailing, and asking me out. If he doesn’t, then “Next”… Right? At least, in this moment, this is fun.

  3. August 27, 2008 7:14 am

    Congratulations on the WW award! So very cool.

    The sandals are really cute, and I love the idea of red ones with black capris. I love capris. Hey, did you ever see Veronica Webb defending capris to Tim Gunn on his “Guide To Style” show? He’s appalled by them and Veronica Webb (who’s so lovely and stylish) told him to get real. Capris are her favorite pants. Mine too, come to think of it.

    Your mom’s screaming pink hot pink pedicure sounds so fun…I may have to give myself a pedicure today. The power of suggestion…

    Well, I’m definitely getting a pedicure before Saturday, that’s for sure! I ordered those sandals – only place is online. They won’t be here in time, so I’ll have to find a backup.

    Oh, and no, never saw that episode of Guide to Style. Tim Gunn clearly does not know ALL. Capris are great on some women – not so good on really short ones, unless they hit just right.

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