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Project Runway, Season 5, Episode 7

August 28, 2008

This episode was another interesting challenge evidently driven (pun intended) by the show’s sponsors. This week’s challenge was dished out on the rooftop of a parking garage where there were four new Saturn hybrid cars, and Saturn’s lead color designer (what the hell is a color designer?) instructed the contestants that they had to design something from the raw materials used to make these cars – seats, cushions, carburetors, seatbelts, mirrors, floor mats, and so on.


Again, the idea was they were to be innovative. Have we had that word just shoved down our throats this season? Isn’t that the whole idea of the contest? Innovation? The dictionary defines innovative as “the act of introducing something new”. So, I think they need to just stop using that word. Ok, I digress…

On to the runway. And I’m going to start with what I think should have been the winner.

Korto – This jacket was made from woven seatbelts and I loved it. So did Laura Bennett (sitting in for Nina Garcia) and Rachel Zoe (guest judge). I don’t know why it did not win, but to me it far surpassed the winning design, which we’ll get at the end. I still predict that Korto is one of the top three finalists that goes to Bryant Park.

Blayne – He also used seat belts, but the long “car wash” look, as Michael Kors called it (I just love his descriptions), just did nothing for the model. It would have been better if you could have seen some leg, and if the upper bodice fit better, which shouldn’t have been an issue, but it was. The embellishment he used for bling was a broken mirror. Poor Heidi – she waved her finger at Blayne and said “Don’t you know that’s seven years no sex?” Really? Oh crap. If that’s the case, I’m done for. I thought it was seven years bad luck. But what do I know. She’s probably never broken a mirror then since she just had a baby… Sorry. Back on topic.

Terri – Poor Terri. She always looks so glum on the show. I’m not really sure what she used to make this outfit, as it seems they just passed her by. She’s sort of floating in the middle of the pack and I sure hope that she steps it up. Overall, I like her work. I think this looked good on the model, but sort of biker chick-ish with those pants.

Jerell – Hmmm. Judges liked this, but I’m distracted by what the model did with her hair? WTH? Is this supposed to be a gladiator-type design? I’m really not sure. I don’t get the patches of black on the bodice. The skirt looks way too short and too tight. And is it me, or does the color of the boots totally not match? But whatever… next. I’m unimpressed.

Joe – Okay flashback to the Olympic challenge here. This looks very sportswear like, and the seat embroidery on the bodice does nothing for me. The gold lines add some shape, I suppose, but it’s another unimpressive outfit to me. Next…

Kenley – Oh. My. God. I cracked up when I saw this come out on the runway. The model could hardly walk in this stiff Judy Jetson ensemble.  Poor Kenley. I predict she’s either in the bottom or goes next week. I will be surprised if she makes it to the final three. This whole outfit had absolutely no movement and even the model’s face looks ticked off.

Suede – Suede must have been eyeing Keith’s creations for the last few weeks because it looks to me like he was copying Keith. The shredded silver skirt looks like something Keith would have done. The top is interesting in texture, but not design.

Stella – Stella! What the heck? You keep missing your opportunity to go hell bent for leathuh! Why didn’t you take advantage of that opportunity this time and knock it out of the park? This is just a mess. Seatbelts for the skirt and something totally wonky and off about the top. Even the band around the waist is uneven and doesn’t meet up right. This landed her in the bottom two. I’m not surprised. If she doesn’t change things up and get with it (and get some rest – she is looking mighty tired),  I predict she’s off next week.

Speaking of the bottom….

Keith – Did I call it, peeps?? Huh? I did. Keith is “auf”. I’m glad. Sweet, but boring. He just doesn’t get it. And he rightfully cried over being cut for a design that wasn’t his voice as a designer, but even if he had used his own style, he would still have been kicked off.

Leanne – This was the winning design. Tell me, peeps, do you see this as being better than Korto’s design? I think the bodice of this design is awesome, and I love how she frayed the seatbelts (now THAT’s cool) to give a softness to contrast the harsh leather, but the skirt? It looks like two giant tumors growing on the poor girl’s pelvis. It’s grotesque, to me. And there’s just something about Leann that I don’t care for. Maybe it’s the feeling that deep inside that waifish, feeble, prim exterior there’s a strong, calculating, sharp-as-a-tack diva, which gives me the overall impression about something just not genuine about her. I am possibly quite wrong. Time will tell.

What do you think? Who do you predict will be off next week? What is your favorite design? Did this challenge even interest you? From the previews of next week, it sounds like they will be designing for plus size models again. What’s your guess?

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  1. Bev permalink
    August 28, 2008 2:28 pm

    Leanne’s winner makes the model look like a Barbie with her hip joints unhinged and then taped back onto the side of her leg and then covered up. (I know this because my daughter used to deconstruct Barbies, ha.) Anyway, I guess I see why she won and except for those puff things, I liked it. I also cannot figure her out – she comes across so passive and like she belongs anywhere else other than designing. I also really liked Terri’s creation. Surprisingly, all of them were pretty good and more “innovative” than normal. Keith’s was the only one I actually really disliked. Well, wait. I hated Kenley’s – too stiff and using a marker was weird.

    Bev – your description is perfect! I remember when my daughter used to pull apart her Barbies and hang the doll parts from the ceiling. Part of her Courtney Love phase.

  2. August 28, 2008 5:31 pm

    I agree with you again. Korto should have won. I think she should have won last week. Seems they are trying to give others a chance, she will for sure be in the top finalist. I do think most of them did a good job. Stella will be next to go. She just lacks flexiblity, and is boring. I didn’t know if Kenley’s model couldn’t walk or if it was the dress design, but her wak was awful. I like it when we get down to 5 or 6. Next week looks intresting too.

  3. August 29, 2008 1:05 pm

    As one of your ‘peeps’, I was thinking “YEA! Lil Miss called it! Keith is GONE.” another whiner. and, I too, am thinking Stella is next. and Blaine after that?

  4. August 18, 2009 8:01 pm

    Keep up the great writing, thanks

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