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Saturday Morning Coffee Time: This & That

August 30, 2008

The last couple days have been busy for me just doing odd stuff, besides working, of course.

Shrinking Clothes and Expanding Wardrobe

I have been trying to get some clothes together for my visit to see my brother in a couple weeks, plus have some comfortable and *attractive* shoes to wear today to Bumbershoot with my new man friend. (I call him a friend because I don’t date enemies. Hee hee.) It’s going to be hot in Kansas City still, even though all the stores seem to think it’s already winter and have shipped out all their sandals and summer clothes. Typically, here in the Pacific Northwest, our summers run later and we can have shorts weather through mid-October.

Anyhooo. The shoe search was a bust. I did order the cute red polkadot Sketchers from online but they won’t be here until next week. I guess I’ll have to settle with my comfy ECCO sandals. Comfy and good for walking a lot, but *fugly* unless worn under jeans, and I plan to wear capris. They make my ankles look fat too. Okay, so I’m vain…

ECCO Yucatan Sandal 69564

I am going to wear this top though. How cute is that? Also another Target top that I’m going to try to copy. Guess what size I fit into? (answer: small)

Merona® Scoop Neck Top - Rose Romance/ Ebony

Mom and Evan

Yesterday the plan was to watch little Evan while his mommy and daddy went to the Seahawks preseason game, and I’d take Evan to my mom’s monthly potluck party. Any chance I can get to spend time with the little ones while they still have time for Grandma is most welcome. And Evan is a good baby – always. The big kids were being babysat by mom and dad’s best friends, so that made it easier on me.

On my way to get Evan, my mom called. She had been having this shoulder pain for several days and had gone to the doctor to get a cortisone injection, thinking this was a bursitis flare-up. The doctor instead sent her for an MRI and didn’t give her any pain killers. So, by yesterday she was in serious pain so she had me take her to the emergency room.

IMG_1756 copySo, Evan, my mom, and I spent a bit of time in the ER. It was pretty empty, considering, and the MRI results had already been returned, so mom got to know what was causing her pain. She has a *torn rotator cuff* of all things! She got a shot of pain killer in her arm muscle and a prescription for more pain killers, and her arm put in an immobilizer sling. She’ll have to probably have some physical therapy, and we hope no surgery. The doc said this injury could just happen on its own, some due to old age. Poor mom.

Evan was so adorable and I love showing him off, as I do all three of my grandkids. He’s just so stinking cute (of course, I’m prejudiced) and he sings. He coos and sings! And he’s trying to have conversations with me – unintelligible, but conversations nonetheless. I love it. But finally he got so tired and all he wanted was mom’s equipment (and touch and smell) and I just would not do. Thankfully, mom and dad were already on their way to get him and poor bubba, his eyes were all puffy from crying.

Plans for the weekend

Today, it looks as if the rain is going to go away (thank you, God!) for our date to Bumbershoot. I even see sun trying to break through the clouds. I am looking forward to this and hope that I have recovered enough from last night to not fade to mush too quickly today. We’re looking forward to spending time getting to know each other and listen to great comedians, musicians, and whatever else the place has to offer.

Tomorrow is literally going to be a day of rest for me. And as soon as I’m rested – oh, by 10 am – I plan to hit the sewing room and sew up some tops and skirts for my vacation. Yesterday I finished work early and sewed up the sheers I purchased for my bedroom, so that looks nice. At least I’m not neglecting the sewing room and that makes me happy.

Extra shot with that coffee?

For some adorable cuteness, check out the pics my daughter posted on her blog recently of the kids. Some of these are just priceless and I want them blown up poster size and pasted all over my house.

IMG_1996 copy

  1. August 31, 2008 6:30 am

    Evan sings! That’s too hilarious. It must be adorable. The photos definitely are.

    I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s torn rotator cuff. Yeesh, that must be painful.

    And you’re a SMALL!!!! Wow, that must feel pretty fantastic.

    I hope yesterday was a great day at Bumbershoot and it didn’t rain. Hey, isn’t “bumbershoot” a British word for umbrella? :O

  2. August 31, 2008 6:32 am

    That was supposed to be a “surprised” emoticon.

  3. August 31, 2008 6:33 am

    Wendy – I will have to get a video of Evan singing. It’s totally adorable. Thanks about my mom. 🙂 Yes, a SMALL! It’s a smidge tight, but not uncomfortably so, just fitted, and not for long! And, why yes! So cool you knew that bumbershoot means umbrella. Not even all the Seattle-ites know that.

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