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Project Runway, Season 5, Episode 11

September 25, 2008

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This episode’s challenge was a real twist and funny as hell. The designers had to design for each other and they had to base their design on a randomly chosen musical genre. And they had to be their own models.

  • Jerrell designed an outfit for Kenley based on the Pop genre
  • Kenley designed an outfit for Leanne based on the Hip-Hop genre
  • Leanne designed and outfit for Korto based on the Country genre
  • Korto designed an outfit for Suede based on the Punk Rock genre
  • Suede designed an outfit for Jerrell based on the Rock genre

It was hilarious to watch them work on each other – sort of a round-robin of design. The hair and makeup artists had fun, obviously, transforming the designers from who they were normally to music stars. And watching them walk down the runway trying to pull off each of their musical personas was laugh-out-loud funny in some cases.

Let’s start with the winner: Korto

I really like Korto and she always seems to bring her game to each challenge and do an outstanding job. She is definitely a contender for the win and I have no doubt she’ll be in the final three. And Suede played the part of punk rock star so well. (Again, I wish I had a TV capture tool because Suede was hilarious down the runway.) Korto made him some jeans that she distressed with bleach and they fit him really well. It appears the hair designers added extensions to his locks, because I don’t recall them being so long in the front. This really looks punk to me, but also with a bit of grunge in it.

Next up, Jerrell’s design for Kenley. I think Jerrell was a serious contender for the win, and I would have chosen him over Korto. I think Korto won simply because the jeans fit so well. But who knew Kenley was so hot underneath that nasty, immature arrogance and 50s flashback style she clings to?

The vest is a purple faux fur and when you take off the vest, the back is completely sheer. It’s exactly what Jerrell was going for, which was a mix of Britney Spears and Pussycat Dolls. I think he nailed the challenge better than Korto. Wow. It takes some talent to be able to construct that bodice without it looking really vulgar and tacky. You can’t tell from this photo, but the silver bodice area is sewn into the sheer netting.

Leanne had to design for Korto in the Country genre, and this is so boring and stereotypical, to me. Even the checkered neck tie is just too expected. The colors are pleasing, but it’s not a Dolly Parton glamour, which she mentioned using as a muse. She could have pulled from a zillion beautiful, curvy inspirations. She didn’t lose, but it wasn’t great either. I really disliked the neck tie. It was just wrong and looked like an afterthought. Leanne’s work overall is just so blah and boring to me, even if it is well executed. Sort of like how she dresses herself.

Kenley designed for Leanne and this style was sooo not Hip Hop. Even guest judge, LL Cool J said so. And Kenley, we are all so over you and your smart mouth, shrugging shoulders, arrogant attitude. If you were my daughter, I’d pretend I didn’t know you. Anyone who is disrespectful to Heidi and Tim deserves to be kicked off no matter what. And when you miss the mark so widely, why on earth are you allowed to stay?

I was totally shocked when the judges didn’t kick her off. Her pants fit Leanne so poorly. When she was told that hip hop designs are usually oversized, she defended herself by saying she wasn’t going to dress Leanne in something unflattering. Well, that’s noble, but that’s not the challenge and that won’t get you the win. Especially when you don’t even know what hip hop is. Tell me, how is this hip hop? Those pants are horrible.

Poor Suede. He’s gone. No more listening to him talk in the third person. As much as that irritated me, he didn’t deserve to be auf’ed instead of Kenley. This makes me seriously doubt the integrity of the judges decisions. It seems to me like they are making their choices based on TV ratings and entertainment factors, not on design ability, which is what I thought the show was about.

Sorry, I digress…

Suede designed for Jerrell. What did Heidi say about this? “That outfit looks like… Jerrell.” (or something like that.) She was right. Exactly. This is not Rock. This is just Jerrell being Jerrell. The pants were awesomely made, however, and for a rock star, were perfect.

I wish I had a close-up, because if Jerrell weren’t gay, I’d be wanting him to call me and take me on a date.

Or something.

* * *

For next week, I hope Kenley goes. My prediction is either She or Leanne will go. But it really is a toss-up at this point as to who will be in the final three. Some of Kenley’s work has been decent, but her attitude makes me not want to see any more of her. Leanne is boring, and Jerrell and Korto should be the top two, that’s certain.

What’s your prediction? Any bets on who will win yet?

  1. September 25, 2008 6:14 am

    I thought for sure Kenley would go for that outfit. Suede may have been boring but Kenley will not listen to anyone.

    Also, that’s the best I’ve seen her look all season…she should really update her look, the 1950s aren’t doing all that much for her.

    You’re right, CBGrace… she should update her look. That hairstyle last night was so much more flattering than the pulled back oversized-fake-flower-in-the-hair look and frumpy 50s clothes. If I had that body, you can bet I’d be showing parts of it off… even at my age. Ha!

  2. September 25, 2008 1:20 pm

    don’t sass tim. i agree…perhaps kenley is staying for the ratings. it certainly isn’t for her designs. with her refusal to listen to any constructive criticism will not help her career at all. to make it as a designer, you need to have more than just good designs. you need to have good business sense. ignoring the advice of an expert like tim is not good business sense.

    besides, tim is always so gracious with his suggestions. he doesn’t deserve to be treated rudely.

  3. September 26, 2008 6:38 pm

    Please, Please let Kenley be the one that get’s kicked off. IMHO, she really should have been the one who was a’ufed -Suede may have been ‘safe’ in his design, but at least he met the challenge. Usually, something like that gets the person immediately off the show (especially with an attitude like hers).

  4. September 27, 2008 8:24 am

    I agree! Suede was ripped off; Kenley should have been auf’d. I’m hoping she’s next.

  5. September 29, 2008 4:27 pm

    I also think Kenley will be out next week. I am not sure how she lasted this long. Maybe they needed some drama for ratings. This is the best she has ever looked for sure.. She need a make over. I think it’s going to be Korto all the way!!!

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