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Project Runway – The Finale

October 17, 2008

Yeah, so I’m a day late with this and everyone who has cable TV and watched this show or reads other Internet blog recaps knows who won: Leanne. Congratulations, Leanne.

Her work was good, but I was really hoping that Korto would win. I liked her stuff so much better. I loved Leanne’s colors but over and over it was the same petal, flappy idea.

I did like the skirt on this one (below)

More flappy-flaps


I do like this dress (below)

Whereas, Korto had ethnicity, rich fabrics, and jewel tones, and none of the flappy-flaps. I loved it.

Can I have this dress? (below)

Loved this one (below)

I like the shoulder treatment on this one (below)

The back on this was lovely (below)

I’m all for the Northwest hometown girl winning, but whatever. I think what got her the win was how she presented herself when asked why she should win. Her statement was stronger (what we saw of it), more confident, and she mentioned using sustainable materials in at least 50% of her collection. Okay, so she won with the environmentally friendly theme. Very typical for a Portland girl.

(Sorry for the snark fest, but I’m just sort of done with this show. )

I did like Leanne’s inspiration – the water – as I’m a water baby, and I did like the floatiness of some of her outfits, but I was just more impressed overall when watching the runway presentation with Korto’s collection. And to think she knocked out two of her outfits the last three days before the show.

As for Kenley, she got her comeuppance, sort of. Her nastiness to Tim Gunn made her think twice about her attitude when he was chosen at the very last minute to be a guest judge. Hahahaha, Kenley. You reap what you sew. (Pun intended.) I’m so glad she didn’t win, although I did like some of her collection. As did my younger daughter, who watched the show with me. I could see some of Kenley’s clothes being worn by my daughter – they are more youthful, which I would expect from a 25 year old designer. I really do like this first dress on a young woman.

We liked this one for my daughter. I liked the movement in the skirt.

Apparently, this one (below) was separates – a top and a skirt

Don’t like this one (below). Very 80s looking and according to the designers, a rip-off from another well-known designer whose name I do not know very well. Although, the idea that she hand painted her fabric was pretty cool, even if the teal, purple, and fuchsia is old-school in my book.

And we both liked this one (below)


I like the color on this one, but agree with Tim Gunn about the rope on the neckline. Just too weird, and I don’t care for the upper sleeve treatment, although for a runway show, it’s good.

And I really hate this one. I just don’t see the beauty in over emphasizing the hips so much. It reminds me of old, Renaissance style (perhaps I have the era wrong) dresses where women wore these HUGE skirts. Like one of the judges said, Kenley needs to take a fashion history class. So do I. {smile}

Anyway, overall, now looking back at the collections, I can see why Leanne won. See had more variety of types of clothing than Korto, even though she kept doing the flaps over and over. And even Kenley, with her nasty attitude, could develop into a good designer if she’d just get past her defensiveness, ego, and arrogance. Inside, I’m sure she’s a sweet girl. She’s just young and green.

So, that’s it for Project Runway, peeps. Who knows if moving to Lifetime will make the show different or not. Maybe I’ll start blogging about Mad Men (my new favorite show) or maybe I’ll just try to work really hard at finding sewing time myself.

  1. October 17, 2008 10:29 am

    I’m not crazy about any of the clothes in the finale, but I really dislike the 80s style dresses. I read that the move to Lifetime is iffy, that this may the show’s last season ever. Have you heard about this?

    I heard that too, Wendy. I wouldn’t be heartbroken if this was the last season. They need to change it up a bit to keep it interesting, I think.

  2. October 17, 2008 1:06 pm

    i was so happy that kenley did not win. that ego needed to be taken down a peg or two. i admire her sewing techniques. her designing….meh. the final collection was way too 80’s for my taste. most of all, she sassed tim. you don’t sass tim. ever.

    between leanne and korto, i liked both for different reasons. leanne’s collection was much more conceptual. i loved the artistry of it. loved the colors! korto was closer to RTW. i would wear several of her things with a few inches add to the length. loved that bright green she used. lots of great details. i would have a hard time picking a winner between the two of them.

    Exactly, Teri. Sassing Tim is just wrong. I mean, how disrespectful. He only has the other person’s best interest at heart, and he does know what he’s talking about. That’s like sassing the Pope of Sewing. LOL (I just made that up.) The more I looked at the collections, the more I could see why the judges chose Leanne, even though I liked more of what Korto designed, there were some of Leanne’s designs that could be easily adapted for the regular woman.

  3. October 17, 2008 4:39 pm

    I am glad it’s over. I am not happy about the winner, but that’s life. I sure hope she can do something different than those petals. They are nice and made well, but on every outfit?? for me Korto had far more color and style to her designs. She even made two dresses in such a short time. I am sure she will still do well in the fashion industry. Her work is amazing.

    Cici, critics tended to say that each of Leanne’s use of petals was different, but the overall impact going down the runway to me was redundancy. I kept seeing the same thing over and over and it got tedious. Besides, Korto just got to me when she grabbed her little daughter and had her walk down the runway with her. How totally precious was that??

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