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Pumpkins and Possibilities

October 25, 2008

Two things on my mind right now. Pumpkins on a beautiful fall day, and possibilities. I have to think in terms of possibilities right now, or I’ll paralyze myself with fear.

Like everyone else, I’ve been hearing ad nauseam about the bleak outlook in the economy and hearing “recession”, “depression” and other grave terms bandied about. However, out here in the Pacific Northwest, maybe I’ve been strangely insulated from it most of it, or I live under a rock. I’ve been working for the “I’m a PC” software company as a vendor and things have been very steady since May, and looking quite optimistic.

However, even the big “I’m a PC” company needs to do things to be cautious and protect itself. I got news yesterday that the work I’ve been doing, which has been consuming 50 hours a week and was to continue until early December, has been postponed a whole year. They aren’t launching this new content, and hence, I don’t know what that means for me. I don’t know if that means I’m out of work in two weeks or so, or if they’ll just be able to give me different work and keep me on as a vendor. It’s scary, and I really was in denial thinking this economy wasn’t going to hurt me in the job arena. I’ve felt the pinch with groceries, gas, utilities – just like everyone else. But now I’m starting to feel a little scared. My strong, positive, “it will all work out” attitude is a little shaky at best right now. I have to repeat to myself, as a mantra, almost, that everything always turns out well for me, as it always has done in the past.

So, the upside of all this is that I didn’t have to work at all this weekend, and I was able to enjoy the pumpkin patch nearby with family. I’ve never been to this pumpkin patch before and it’s full of good fun for little kids of all sizes. Here are some fun pictures from the day. We couldn’t have asked for better weather if we’d been able to order it up a la carte.

Cayden on a big ol’ rusty tractor. He loves to drive anything.


Cody, Cayden, and Elise (L-R) in one of those cutout things you poke your head through.


I have no idea who these people are, but they wouldn’t get out of my picture, so I took it anyway. I thought the view was magnificent.



And the funnest game ever… PUMPKIN SLINGSHOTS. The goal is to either try to get the pumpkin in the box out in the field, or see who can shoot it the farthest. It was awesome.






Tired from a long morning of walking and playing and looking for pumpkins. One thing we didn’t know is how ridiculously expensive the pumpkins were. We spent all this time choosing the perfect pumpkins and got up to the register only to see that a pumpkin like the one in the picture above would have been $15-20. Not. Paying. That. So, we left a cart full of pumpkins there for them to take back to the field. Sheesh, you can get a 30 pound pumpkin at the grocery store for oh, $5-10, or about ten or twelve cents a pound. (And if my math doesn’t add up, bite me. I’m just saying, you know? LOL.)

Anyway, hope everyone is well, healthy, and happy, and things will be what they will be. At the best, I have my family, and I’m extremely grateful for that.

  1. October 25, 2008 5:30 pm

    I sooooo understand what you are saying…it is getting scary out here!

  2. October 26, 2008 7:06 am

    Pumpkins are fun. Family is everything! Love the photos:D

  3. October 26, 2008 12:55 pm

    It looks like you had a great pumpkin day. As to the scary economy, that’s why I live with my daughter. I couldn’t survive alone anymore. Thank goodness they were willing to take me in. My daughter said such a nice thing to me the other day. I was having a bad day and I told her I wanted to run away (not very seriously). She said ” Mom, you can’t ever leave. Your the one that holds us all together”. I almost cried. I only wanted to run away for an hour not for good.She is such a sweetie. Like you, I am grateful everyday for my family.

  4. Belle permalink
    October 26, 2008 4:35 pm

    I hope the work continues to flow for you! My sister and husband both lost their jobs last week – they worked at the same place. I don’t know what they will do and they are 61 years old. No retirement, been bankrupt a couple of times, etc. Who knows? They may end up moving here and living with our 84-yr old mom just to survive. Scary times, indeed. You have a marketable skill so I am sure you will find work elsewhere if need be!

    Looks like you certainly had a beautiful day..some fabulous pictures you posted!

  5. Bev permalink
    October 26, 2008 4:36 pm

    Sorry, that was me that posted above!

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