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Monday Wind-Up

November 10, 2008

Since my fellow blogger, the Vinyl Villager, has Monday Morning Mish-Mash (such a great title and idea), I’m going to copy him blatantly but call this post something slightly different. Although I doubt this post will be even remotely as entertaining as his. You really have to go check him out if you don’t know who he is yet.

I am literally winding up for the week. I’ve been sick since Friday and moving at a slug’s pace, if at all. Yesterday I did absolutely nothing all day. Well, I lie. I did vacuum my downstairs and that laid me out for the rest of the evening. It may be time to go see the doctor since this seems to have settled in my chest and completely zapping my energy. I did buy some multi-vitamins yesterday, and am avoiding getting the flu shot. I never get the flu – I get colds and worse, pneumonia or pleurisy. I don’t think flu shots help prevent that.

I do need to do some work today – I didn’t work on Friday and I need to finish up some stuff from the prior contract before the new one starts. The Statement of Work is being finished and signed, so as soon as that’s done, I’ll get to start billing hours to a new project. I’m so grateful I have work. It could be way worse.

Obviously since I’ve been sick I haven’t done a stitch of sewing, as I had planned to. I did surf plenty of sewing blogs to see what all my fellow seamstresses are up to. A friend asked me Saturday night if I made the top I was wearing (sadly, no, but I was flattered she thinks my skills are good enough to resemble a store-bought top.) I told her that part of me just does not want to cut into my great fabrics that I have planned for some really nice outfits since my body is shrinking so rapidly. They’d only be wearable for a short while and I don’t do alterations.

My oldest daughter’s birthday is tomorrow. She will be 29, which amazes me that it’s been that long. There’s a holiday for her birth every year. Isn’t that nice? We do acknowledge the veterans then too, but for me, it’s my daughter’s birthday holiday. hehe. Lucky girl never had to go to school on her birthday. On the flip side, she never got to take cupcakes to school to celebrate with her friends either. Or that I can recall. Tomorrow, we’re going to Red Robin to celebrate.

IMG_2252 Next up is Evan’s one year birthday on the 20th. I can’t believe my littlest grandson is already a year old. He’s just so full of personality these days, claps, and sings his ABCs – somewhat intelligibly, but he’s still singing them. My bet is that he starts walking days before his first birthday, just like his big brother did.

I’ve been trying out some new healthy recipes. I am going to start taking pictures of the end result for you. I’m finding that I’m really a good cook, contrary to my earlier belief in myself. I had to go to a potluck on Saturday night, so I took a chicken curry salad that I found online and that was completely fat free. I used fat free mayo and fat free sour cream. No one can tell the difference in the flavor. It turned out really good as evidenced by the lack of leftovers at the end of the evening.

That’s all for now. Hopefully, I’ll have more interesting stuff to report later in the week. Happy Monday.

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  1. November 11, 2008 6:48 am

    aww…thanks for the “love” Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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