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Fabric, Lily, Walking, and Eating On Plan

November 14, 2008

Even if I didn’t sit in the sewing room for a few hours, at least I got some fabric out of my bins to get started making something. I had been obsessing on some purple denim I have and turning it into a skirt of some sort, and also remembered some dark purple boucle tweed I have with pink specks that would make an awesome jacket or something. So I dug those out of the bins in the garage and hauled them up to the sewing loft.

While I was doing that, my daughter called. The weather had turned lovely outside. No rain, no floods where we live, and mild temperatures so Lily and I headed up to her house and we hung out, and then bundled the boys up and went for a walk. I’ve been told by my other daughter, the vet assistant and resident Chihuahua expert, that I need to socialize Lily more – take her more places with me – and especially socialize her around little kids. She tends to be very defensive around their jerky and wild actions and nips at them. She doesn’t hurt them, but it always scares the mommy.

So, I took Lily along and after a while, she did very well. I taught Cayden how to hold his hand still and let Lily sniff her. He wanted to walk her and hold her leash and he did a really great job. (Photos below.) By the time we left he was feeding her Goldfish crackers and she was his best friend.

Finally, I had to leave to go to a dinner party with friends at the Keg Steakhouse. That is not the place to go to dinner if you are on a healthy eating/weight loss plan (or Weight Watchers*). I looked online at their nutritional information before I left and yee-gads – everything is so high in calories and fat. You’d think a steak was fine, right? Well, 3 oz, yes, but the smallest they serve is 7 oz. Even their chicken dishes are relatively high in calories and fat. So, I kept looking and landed on their grilled shrimp skewers. I ordered that, without the rice, and had them grill them with no butter, and also asked for steamed vegetables on the side, no butter. (I’ll be honest, the butter on the shrimp would have been great tasting, but I’m determined to show progress at the scales this week, so I opted against it.) I also had a house salad to start, with the dressing on the side, and only had half the dressing they provided. It was all great. Calculating the points for the shrimp off their nutritional info, which likely included the rice and butter, was 9 points for two skewers (as served originally on their menu), so I did well. It was probably fewer points without the rice and butter. I also had the earlier activity points from walking added to my daily total, so that allowed me to share a small part of my mom’s Creme Brulee for dessert. We’ll know Monday if that planning worked.

I leave you for now with some pictures of Cayden walking Lily yesterday.






*Just a side note about Weight Watchers here: I have thought about not talking about Weight Watchers on my blog thinking what would a prospective date think and I’m now to the point of who the heck cares? This is who I am, and I love Weight Watchers. It will be a part of my life forever and if it helps inspire someone else, all the better. So, I’ll be blogging more about my journey and what I learn along the way, sharing it with those who want to read about it.

  1. November 14, 2008 11:02 am

    Adorable photos, as usual. Cayden is getting tall!
    I think your success with Weight Watchers is very encouraging, and when you blog about it it’s a very positive read. It inspires me — although I don’t go to WW, I think of you and your success (and Joan’s also) when I’m tempted to bake myself a big ol’ cheesecake, or make instant mashed potatoes with dinner instead of a baked yam. I think of you guys and I don’t do it, so reallly when your share your experience you’re providing a very positive influence without even trying. 😛

    Wendy – I’m going to test a Weight Watchers pumpkin cheesecake. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I love cheesecake! And I’m learning all sorts of ways to lighten up regular recipes – even mashed potatoes. You mash them with chicken stock not butter to give them flavor. I haven’t tried it myself, so I don’t know how it tastes.

  2. November 14, 2008 11:08 am

    Thanks, Wendy. I like the idea that I’m providing a positive influence. 🙂 I”ll start sharing my recipes I make up too.

  3. dianarupert permalink
    November 15, 2008 1:27 am

    Hi! Are you a designer and a sewer? or you just love doing it? Keep it up.
    Thank you

    Diana – I’m just a regular seamstress, although I supposed every seamstress has a bit of designer in her when she alters patterns and puts together interesting fabrics for different effects. And yes, I just love sewing

  4. November 15, 2008 7:10 am

    Keep on blogging about your Weight Watcher journey and the rest of your life…if a prospective date doesn’t like it then they are not the person for you!!! I have been following your blog for some time now and am inspired by your story. I love hearing about your sewing, Lily and your family. My philosophy on blooging is that I write it for myself and if someonone else finds it usefull…great and if they don’t, they don’t need to be reading it. Thank you for sharing your life. Mary

    Hi Mary, Thanks for following my blog. I have the same philosophy as you, but sometimes I forget my own philosophy and find getting permission, of sorts, helpful. Does that make sense? I am also humbled by how many people lately have been using the word “inspiring” to describe me. That feels really good, and I’m grateful that I can encourage people in some way.

  5. November 15, 2008 9:30 pm

    By all means keep blogging about the WW. It’s who you are and what you do! I’ve mentioned before that I told Hans the day I met him that I’m a waitress (a dirty word to some people) and even though he and his family are very educated, he didn’t care and if he had? It would have been his problem, not mine! I’m sure a lot of your readers get inspired by your WW posts. Don’t you love the Vet Tech daughter and her advice? You wouldn’t believe the lectures I get from mine. I get a kick out of her passion for animals.

    Laura – you are so right… I forget the basics sometimes, I really do. I love the advice our daughters give us too. They’re usually right, aren’t they? My daughter has had a passion for animals since she was born. I love to see it in her.

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