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Gratitude in the Blogosphere

November 27, 2008

At least in the U.S., there have been and probably will be a gazillion blog posts about gratitude today. This post makes it a gazillion and one.

Random and not so random things I’m grateful for, in no particular order, well, somewhat.

I’m grateful for my family. Today there will be four generations of my family at the dinner table. How cool is that? We’ll be at my daughter’s house – her husband is doing the turkey. My mother, who is 88, will be joining us and the youngest, Evan, who is one, might just surprise us and try to walk to day. Or not. His mommy is happy if he doesn’t quite yet.

I’m grateful for new recipes and learning to cook – oh, and a gas stove. Today, I’m trying some new Weight Watcher’s recipes – one for green bean casserole (no cream of chicken soup, thank you), one for candied sweet potatoes (uses maple syrup and orange juice for flavor instead of cups of brown sugar), and one for pumpkin cheesecake (uses mostly fat-free cream cheese and reduced fat cream cheese). This is my first ever attempt at making a cheesecake (my favorite dessert) so we’ll see how it tastes. (This cheesecake is only 5 points per serving (1/16th) so that’s my dessert today. And that’s a generous serving, too, because that’s a deep springform pan.)


(Cheesecake chillin’ in the fridge.)

I’m grateful that I have no one in my life who is a saboteur. That was this week’s Weight Watcher’s topic. We were to try to think of people in our lives who sabotaged our goals to eat healthy – either deliberately or not deliberately. Honestly – there is no one in my immediate circle of family and friends who is not supportive of my goal to get to a healthy weight and to eat healthy. I am surrounded by people who are thrilled about my progress, supportive, and encouraging. My daughter’s and mom, especially. Thank you, all of you.

I’m grateful for these serving spoons. These are Weight Watchers serving spoons. The large one is one cup, the middle is one-half cup, and the gravy ladle is one-quarter cup. How cool is that? They don’t look like measuring cups, do they?


I’m grateful that I’m employable and people want me to work for them. I got word yesterday that my new contract I’ve been waiting on is approved and will start on Monday! Phew! I was seriously starting to doubt my own mantra of “everything will be okay, it always is” as my daughter reminded me yesterday. She’s so smart. 🙂

I’m grateful for all my friends – including my bloggy friends. It sounds trite, but I’ve met the coolest, neatest people through this blog who have become good friends. Life is fantastic.

I’m grateful God gave me brains to use. Really. That sounds egotistical, but it’s really not. At least I don’t think so. I’ve been successful in life and work because of the gifts given to me and the opportunities presented to me in my life by my parents and hard work. It could have been a different story. I’m not one to be a victim. It’s just not in my DNA. I have fortitude and perseverance and I’m grateful for that quality in my character. Someday, I’ll meet a partner who truly wants to be that – a partner – with me and won’t be scared of my strength and independence. I won’t give that up for anyone.

I’m grateful for a roof over my head, heat, electricity, a decent running car, and food in my fridge. All the usual stuff we take for granted every day.

And I’m grateful for Lily. And Daisy, Trixie, Maxie, Marie, and Merlin. All my four-legged friends that live with me. They entertain me daily.


(Lily and her Dingo treat; Maxie in the background.)

I’m grateful for my little people in my life. Look at little Evan. How cute is he?  When he sees me he holds his arms out for me to lift him up. Okay, so he does that for everyone, and his mama too. But really… they live so close and I can see them whenever I want. I love that about my life. And I love all my grandchildren.


(Holy crap. I look skinny in that picture. I didn’t remember it being taken until I loaded it on my computer. This was taken two days ago when they came to visit me.)

I’m grateful for the Seahawks and NFL football. Even though we have had a horrible season, the Hawks are playing today and we can all gather round and watch them lose, or hopefully, win! At least it will be entertaining, and Cody (my favorite son-in-law) will be in heaven because football is on TV. He’s keeping the tradition of football on holidays going – which I love – since my dad’s no longer physically here to do it (but he’ll be around in spirit, I know it.)

Okay, on that note, I need to get moving, or I’ll never get to my daughter’s in time.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Thank you for being in my life.

  1. November 28, 2008 9:47 am

    I bought those spoons too. Aren’t they awesome? The cheesecake sounds great, so do the vegetables. I was fortunate that all the vegetables at our Thanksgiving were steamed and plain so I could eat them all. My only treat was a little stuffing. I didn’t eat dessert except for a bite of key Lime cheesecake. They even made a special dish of mashed potatoes for me without butter and salt. I have no saboteurs in my life either. I have 100% support.

    I guess we both have a lot to be thankful for. Let me know how the cheesecake tasted.

    Joan, the funny thing is, I took the spoons to my daughters and they never made it to the table, except for the gravy ladle. At least by now, I know by eyeballing just about what a half cup is. I wasn’t involved in the final prep and table setting so I had no control over it. But it was all great. I’ll blog about the cheesecake and other dishes shortly.

  2. November 28, 2008 2:04 pm

    I’m grateful for that cheesecake photo, because I didn’t make one this year and yours looks delicious. And I’m lovin’ the Lily-ness in this post!

    OMG, Wendy, it is the best cheesecake. Good I left it at my daughter’s or I’d be way off plan by now. Lily-ness abounds in this house right now. I should post more pictures of her. She’s too cute.

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