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Progress not Perfection

November 30, 2008

That’s one of my favorite sayings, and it helps to repeat it to myself often in the sewing room. Analysis paralysis is another affliction I suffer from. I tend to get paralyzed in the sewing room when it comes to actually cutting the fabric. Does anyone else do that? I think it stems from loving the fabric and what I envision it to ultimately be that I hesitate to cut it for fear of wasting the fabric. Sigh. Well, again, progress not perfection.

IMG_7455I cut out the bathrobe for my mom and got busy. It feels so good to actually be back in the rhythm of making things. I started by making about eight yards of piping (below) to use in the bathrobe. I’m getting really good at making my own piping and I doubt I’ll ever go back to buying premade piping again. I love that I can coordinate this with whatever I’m making.  (That’s Merlin in the background.)


Here’s where the imperfection comes in. I made the pockets and thought they might like a little embellishment with some sort of decorative stitch. I tested out the stitch on a piece of scrap first and it looked nice. (My machine is an early 1980s Husqvarna Viking model with only about sixteen different “decorative” stitches – mostly not very decorative.) The result on the actual pocket was… well, you add the adjective.


YIKES. One pocket trashed. The test stitch surely didn’t look like that. And once again, it made me lust for a smooth flowing – not to mention quieter – embroidery machine. (Someday I will buy a new one! Maybe I should start a sewing machine fund for myself…hey, there’s an idea!)

So, now, I’m redoing the second pocket – another reason I always buy more fabric than the pattern calls for. These pockets are fully lined. I didn’t follow the directions with them. I added the piping at the top, and stitched the satin lining all around and turned it inside out. Sort of like making a mini pillow with piping only on the one edge. I’ll top stitch the three sides down to the front of the bathrobe. This will make it nice and luxurious feeling inside the pocket.


I still have about two, nearly three, yards of this fabric left, so I asked my daughter if her daughter, Elise, would like something made of it and she thinks yes. So, I’m going to cut that out today and then I can sew them both up at the same time since my machines will already be threaded for that color.

IMG_7456I have been planning to use this pattern (McCalls 5744) for Elise’s gift, but now that I see it doesn’t have a robe. The fabric is soft enough that it will be comfy as a nightgown, but I may search my pattern stash and see what I can find for a bathrobe. If I felt really creative, I could just alter this by making it a wrap robe, adding a second front panel and ties where it wraps. Hmmmm. What would you do?

Meanwhile, my sewing today will be interrupted because I’m going to a holiday party this afternoon! How fun is that? Too bad I haven’t sewn up a cute holiday top for myself. Maybe I can fit that in before Christmas so I have something new to wear for the holidays. I deserve it!

I leave you with a few pictures of one of my sewing helpers. It’s really hard to lay fabric out with this sweetie in the way. Marie loves to be next to me all the time. ALL the time.



Happy Last Day of November, folks!

  1. November 30, 2008 11:42 am

    does your gd wear a robe? some children just don’t/won’t. others adore them. just something to consider. the fabric would gorgeous as that wrap style nightie. you could use that piping fabric to make a small ruffle to trim the neckline edges….maybe 1 to 1.5 inches wide.

    definitely start a machine fund for yourself. 🙂 spare change, little refund/rebate checks, plus a few dollars a week. anytime you catch yourself about to spend a few dollars on something frivolous, add that amount to your fund. it is amazing how quickly it can add up. oh…better idea….pay yourself for every pound you lose. 🙂

  2. November 30, 2008 11:47 am

    Excellent point, Teri. I’m checking with my daugher to see if she’d even wear a robe. Otherwise, I like your idea. It would be so cute with the ruffle. Easy to do too.

    OOOh. Rewarding myself for every pound lost… that could be fun! When I hit goal then I’ll have money to get the reward I want – a new embroidery sewing machine so I can make myself some hot new clothes!

    I’m going to start that fund!

  3. December 1, 2008 10:20 am

    Those darn cats!! Maybe it’s a calico thing because my Chlorox kitty will not leave me alone when I sew. She lies on everything and wiggles around and meows and all around drives me nuts. But I love it anyway.

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