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Christmas Fashion Goes to the Dogs

December 13, 2008

So, lest anyone think we spoil our doggies, we do. You’re right. However, there is justification for this spoiling. Our dogs are Chihuahuas and they don’t have enough fat and fur on them to keep them warm like other breeds or like humans. So the clothing, while cute and seemingly superfluous, is necessary. Especially when they have to go outside in 35 degree, wet weather.

So, considering that, we found them a great deal on some cute holiday dresses and coats. Thought I’d share with you.

Let’s start the show.

Modeling the Santa coat by an Unknown Designer is Miss Daisy Mae, most often called “Mae Mae”. I’m totally loving the white pompom on the Santa hood. The black bow around the waist gives her such a great curvy shape on an otherwise extremely slender silhouette.


Miss Lily models the same coat, although I’m not so fond on the accessory of the black and pink bed. Methinks the pink rather clashes with the red, but what say you? This model certainly knows how to wear her hood, that’s certain.

IMG_7672 (2)


Our third model, Miss Trixie the Pixie, shows another way to wear the same Santa coat. Layered over a printed dress festively decorated with snowflakes and holly. Unfortunately, the stylists of this show didn’t account for the dress peeking out from under the coat, or the rather long length of it. Oh, wait, this must be the maxi version of the coat.



Strike a pose! Vogue. Vogue. Vogue.


Next up, we have Miss Lily again modeling her Santa Baby dress. Notice the fit of this dress. Exquisite. Definitely IN on this doggie fashionista.





Here we have Miss Daisy modeling her HO HO HO dress. Model is IN, although designer is OUT because they clearly don’t know how to account for a pattern in the fabric when cutting it out. It looks more like an OH OH OH dress.


Again, these girls really know how to work the runway and the camera.


Miss Trixie models her Snowflake dress that was previously shown accompanied by the Santa coat. Trixie is working it! Ya, baby. I think she’s definitely a contender for America’s Next Top Dog Model.




All three take their final bow for the audience.


Finally, Miss Lily is exhausted from all the paparazzi and applause, and really hopes Santa brings her some more lovelies to wear.


  1. Mary permalink
    December 13, 2008 11:26 am

    I love the doggy fashion show! Your girls really know how to work it! I found the cutest dog parka at Target for my pom Jo-Jo…while he does have more hair than a chihuahua, I don’t think he will be comfortable in the snow without a coat! Mary

    Mary – we love us some Target doggie dresses and coats. They have the cutest stuff. Plus, we found a dollar store near us that has Walmart doggies clothes that usually go for $7-10 for only ONE dollar! You should post pics of your little Jo-Jo in his parka. I’ll wander to your blog to see if you did already…

  2. December 14, 2008 7:32 am

    OH. MY. GOD. This post was the most wonderful, imaginative, and adorable post I’ve ever seen. And it’s so timely, because just yesterday I was in PetSmart for about 45-minutes just oggling the clothing section. They had sooo many outifits I loved, it was great to come over here and see them in action.

    W – Thanks! I guess I was inspired. LOL. PetSmart has adorable clothes, as does Petco, but they are just so expensive there. We usually try to catch our favorites when they go on clearance – but by then are out of season. Good thing is that once the doggies are full grown, they won’t outgrow them.

    I have to say that as much as I love the Santa outfits, the printed party dress is probably my favorite; so feminine, so festive, and age-appropriate. No low-cut slinky sequins for these little girls, which is refreshing to see on these well-bred fur children. I knit a black cocktail dress with sparkling gold trim for Stella few years ago, but it made her look vampish and we found it too disturbing. (She wore it that New Year’s Eve but then I retired it. Perhaps I’ll take a photo just for you, so you can see what I’m talking about.)

    I would LOVE to see a fashion show with Stella….

    What I’d like to get is one of those adorable “snowsuits” at PetSmart for Sydney, the ones that look like a kid’s snowsuit. I purposely keep his poodly hair very short during the winter months just so I can justify his extensive wardrobe.

    Today our babies need a snowsuit. It’s all cold and snowy in the back yard and they don’t know what to do!

    I had a co-worker once who told me she felt sorry for my dogs and that dogs in clothes were disgraceful, clothes “humiliate” dogs. She was equally disgusted when I’d painted Stella’s nails blue with OPI’s “Pawlish.” I told her that people who have never owned a dog can’t possibly understand them and they should stay the hell out of it. 😀

    I’m glad you told her off. They truly don’t understand. When we got Lily and Daisy their nails were painted because that’s the only way the breeder could tell the litters apart. I love the name “Pawlish” Awesome. Maybe Lily needs red to go with her Santa Baby dress, and to be like her mommy.

  3. December 18, 2008 7:12 am



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