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Are you kidding me? A what warning?

December 19, 2008

From, one of our local TV stations:

A combination of blizzard conditions – heavy snow, strong winds and ice buildups – has the National Weather Service issuing a blizzard warning for much of Western Washington.

Serious? A blizzard?

IMG_7937 This is not normal for this area. Not at all. When we get snow, it’s usually a novelty and is gone in a day or so. Not so this year. Snow here also pretty much shuts things down – well, not everything – but we have hills and because there’s so much ice under this snow, even what wouldn’t be considered a hill is dangerous.

Check out the catastrophe that occurred downtown Seattle this afternoon with a couple charter buses. My daughter drove past it and snapped some photos. 

On a happy note, I’ve been busy working (I’m always grateful for work) and my daughter and her family swung by today. I got to watch both boys for a couple hours while Cindy and Cody took Elise to her follow up doctor appointment after the surgery on her ear. (She’s doing fabu, btw.)

When they came to pick up the boys, we all went outside and tried to build a snowman. The snow is too powdery = great for skiers, bad for building a Frosty. So instead we tossed snow at each other and that was fun. Stacy put snow down the back Cindy’s pants, and Cody stuck his tongue to the lamppost. I love my kids. All three of them! (Hehe) I was really happy for the distraction, but boy was it cold, and I didn’t have good gloves, so my hands got cold immediately.

We came inside and Stacy made the older grandkids some hot chocolate to go as the kids had to leave before it got dark and was too dangerous to drive. It really is icy here. I’ve been watching people spin out up at the stop sign three houses away all day.

So I have a little bit of work to finish up tonight, then a good night’s sleep, and sewing is on the weekend agenda.


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  1. December 20, 2008 1:48 pm

    it’s beautiful to look at, but i can live without it. 🙂

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