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What I love about after-Christmas time

December 28, 2008

The rush of Christmas planning is over and I can stop and breathe.

IMG_8167I can spend time learning how to use my favorite new items, particularly a new slow cooker and new cool bowls and plates appropriately sized for healthy portions.

I can put away the holiday decorations – yes, I love this because it’s a chance to do some purging of stuff and deep cleaning in preparation for a new year.

I can make a list of new projects for around the house and in the sewing room.

I can refocus on my weight loss goals and not be tempted by holiday feasts full of cream, butter, sugar, and high fat content.

I can dream about the upcoming year and things I want to accomplish – bigger, dreamier stuff. Things like socialize more, travel more.

I can plan for summer projects like redoing my backyard and having summer barbeques with friends and family.

I can try during this next year to have a list of sewing projects and see how many of them I can accomplish.

I can sit back, relax, and be extremely grateful for a good year, healthy family members, and focus on the hope and optimism of another great year ahead, better than the last.


What do you like most about this time of year?


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