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Day One. 2009.

January 1, 2009

I’m not much of a New Year’s Eve celebrator – never really have been. I live my life knowing I can start my day, month, or year over whenever I want, at any minute, so the traditional year end/beginning festivities don’t hold a lot of interest for me.

Still, I’m a joiner, so I went along with my mom and some friends for dinner. The food was overpriced, lukewarm (cold, in fact, after I got the crab out of the leg shell) but the company was totally enjoyable. I overlooked the restaurant choice and had myself a fine evening.

Gas fog horn (complete)As is my usual routine on NY Eve, I was asleep before midnight, so no watching TV to see others welcome in the New Year. However, some neighbor decided to ensure that I knew it was happening by using one of these incessantly. Still, I was too exhausted to get up and see who was being so flippin’ obnoxious.


Costco was closed today. Darn it. So I toured Target. Found some great deals on some tops. One was a size small, can you believe it? I can’t. This particular Target must have celebrated last night by having everyone run or skip through the aisles, grab random clothes off the racks and toss them haphazardly all across the aisles, under and on top of the clothing racks. I’m glad I missed that party.


I started off the year right by getting in a vigorous walk with my daughter this evening. I think we clocked about two miles. The last ten minutes of that walk was a brisk climb up a very steep hill. I felt like one of the Biggest Loser contestants huffing and puffing my way up, but I was determined not to stop midway or I’d never make it. We both made it without stopping – my daughter made it to the top first. She credits her youth to that success. I credit her very long legs. 😉


I don’t know that I have any resolutions for this year. I probably will figure out some goals. I’ve heard recently that actually writing out goals makes them more achievable. I’m not sure but I may just try it.

I do know I’m going to be a better cook and try some new recipes. In fact, starting tomorrow morning. My bloggy friend, Joan, gave me a recipe for some pork to cook in my new slow cooker.


I wonder if I should do like everyone else does and do a recap of my last year. Then again, I guess if anyone really wants the details, all they need to do is read my archives here. This will be the start of my third year blogging. I do know this:

  • I was laid off twice in 2008 and survived financially. It was tight, and very scary at times, but I survived and kept my home.
  • Being laid off gave me the opportunity to start working from home full time. I’m still able to work from home except for meetings.
  • I started and have been continuing Weight Watchers with great success.
  • I got back into the dating world only to be sorely disappointed with the state of affairs (no pun intended) out there. I’ll be taking a different route to dating this next year.
  • I enjoyed a fabulous vacation to a part of the States that I’d never been to before. Watched my brother race his BMW in autocross and place second nationwide. I lounged and relaxed by the lake in Missouri.

That and much more I’ve blogged about here. Granted, not a lot of it has to do with sewing (as my blog name implies), but this blog has evolved to be more than just a sewing blog. Just as I am more than just a seamstress.

Stay tuned, my dear bloggy friends. I’m sure there will be lots of exciting adventures in the blogosphere this next year – and I’ll be participating.

And, finally, I want to say think you to all of you who keep reading my blog, and to those of you who have become my friends through this blog. It’s one thing to write out one’s life adventures. It’s something completely different to know people read it and keep coming back to read more. Thank you so much! I hope I can still keep your interest this next year.

My best wishes to all of you for a great year to come – one day at a time.

  1. January 2, 2009 8:47 am

    i am not into the whole resolution thing either. a date on the calendar does not hold much magic for me. i never stop setting goals or trying to make life better.

    Teri – me too. The only dates on calendars that are magical for me are birthdays and vacation dates. Oh and work deadlines, but that’s a different kind of magic. LOL.

  2. Bev permalink
    January 2, 2009 6:25 pm

    I work very hard to make every day count, so I don’t make resolutions, either. I do believe in having goals – always.

    So! Here’s to a grand 2009 for everyone! Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us, Claire!

    Thanks, Bev. And thanks for being one of my faithful readers.

  3. January 2, 2009 6:39 pm

    I don’t do resolutions either. My recap of my year is short–I cooked, shopped and blogged with some fun thrown in and a had a great time doing it. Happy New Year! I’ll be back dear friend!

    Ha! Joan, I should have just said that same thing. It would have been shorter and essentially, that’s what I did too! YAY, I’m glad you will be back. I love hearing from you.

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