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Run, don’t walk.

January 4, 2009

Say wha??

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Today I ran for the first time since I was 17. I actually ran about 1/4 mile total, but this is astonishing for me.

Consider this: In May of 2007, I could barely walk two blocks up a downtown street without getting puffed out and exhausted. Some of that was due to my fibromyalgia and my vitamin D deficiency. Some of it was due to just being plain seriously overweight and out of shape. When I first started seeing the chiropractor for back pain a few months prior to that, I couldn’t roll over in bed because the pain was so bad. I had two car accidents that exacerbated the disc degeneration and required some extensive physical therapy and spinal steroid cortisone injections.

Fast forward to today. Thanks to Weight Watchers (started March 2008), a lot of discipline and determination, I am over 50 pounds lighter and can do a two mile walk easily. I have about 30-40 more pounds to go to hit my goal. I still have disc degeneration and back issues, but with continued chiropractic treatment, it is better. The fibromyalgia is still there, but the severity of the symptoms is greatly diminished (most of the time), and the vitamin D deficiency was rectified by taking supplements.

Today I set a goal to do some sort of outdoor activity at least three times a week, and each time to increase the level of exertion by five minutes. So I started with that today. It was cold out, some light snowflakes falling, and no sidewalks to walk on, so I had to walk in the bike lane on the street.

I walked up to Safeway (two miles round trip) and bought myself some warm gloves and a tall, non-fat latte from Starbucks. I stopped and drank the latte, then headed home. It was on the way home that I started running.

Jason at run4change has been my inspiration. Seriously – please go check him out. If you are into getting physically fit and trim, he’s excellent inspiration. He inspired me through his blog to give running a try. And today I started with a little bit, and each time, I’ll add to that.

This is the new pair of running shoes I’m saving for – Brooks Ariel for women. My chiropractor told me these would be the best shoes for me at this stage, but at $100 a pop, I need to save a bit first. I tried them on and they are so comfy. After my little “run” today, I can see how these will really help me with my activity goals.

I also decided that I’m going to sew my own workout pants. I can get some powerdry fabric online and sew up something cute that will work in the interim until I get to my final size, then I can invest in good workout/running clothes.


  1. January 4, 2009 6:24 pm

    Awesome – congratulations on the 1/4 mile !

    Thanks, Claire – I’ll be gradually increasing that amount!

  2. Mary permalink
    January 4, 2009 6:33 pm

    Good for you! You go Girl!!! Mary

    Thanks, Mary. 🙂

  3. January 5, 2009 3:21 am

    awesome! definitely invest in good running shoes. because my youngest son has joint issues, several orthopedists recommended he wear a certain type of running shoe, even tho he’s not allowed to actually run. his shoes are $125-$150 a pair…and he’s at that age where he outgrows his shoes every few months. ugh. it is painful for my wallet, but the good shoes dramatically reduce his joint pain. anyway, they are pricey, but it will save your knees.

    Those shoes are top on my priority list of purchases. Last night my oven broke. Guess what gets the money first? um, the shoes. The stove still works so I”ll manage for a bit.

  4. run4change permalink
    January 5, 2009 4:53 am

    You’re awesome. Fantastic job. I like your shoes too. I used brooks for a while too. I had to change to a different type after I realized that your feet get bigger after you a run a long time at one push. Not permenantly, but just during the run. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Thanks, Jason. You are the inspiration for this extra activity I’m doing – that, and a smaller pant size. LOL.

  5. January 5, 2009 7:54 am

    congrats! Ive been trying to run a bit this year, and have done abysmally at two different 5ks. All my years of smoking sure show when I try to run that long…

    On the upside, if you enjoy it…I think its something that you can fairly quickly get in shape to do. A good friend if mine, who had allowed himself to be sedentary for a number of years…has worked himself up to a marathon in just about a years time.

    Oh, I don’t know about a marathon, but never say never, you know? And I’ve been sedentary for, oh, twenty plus years. Yikes. I just want to be in shape when I hit my goal – which *will* be this year – and not all flabby. Just think of all the cute clothes I can wear!

  6. January 5, 2009 5:43 pm

    You. Rock. You’ve started the new year off with a bang and it’s wonderful!

    I love the running shoes you’re saving for. Are you going to get the green? It’s a great color.

    How did you find about your vitamin D deficiency, LM? I was just reading about that in Sunday’s paper and I think I have some of the symptoms. But I had a blood test last fall and the doctor didn’t say anything about vitamin deficiencies.

  7. January 5, 2009 7:51 pm

    Hi Wendy! Yes, I’m going to get them in green. I think they’d look awesome with some hot pink running pants and jacket. Well, I’m only half kidding about the running pants. When I get svelte and sexy, that’s what I’ll wear. Until then, probably a pink pinstripe down black pants. LOL

    Vitamin D deficiency was diagnosed by a rheumatologist when she was ruling out everything else and when she found the fibromyalgia. Normal levels are supposed to be around 35-55 (I think) and mine was 19. That explained the achy muscles and aching all over. I think you have to ask your doctor to specifically look for it. I also think perhaps they check for it more up here because it’s gray more often than sunny. In a sunnier location like yours, it might not be their first thought, but we just don’t get enough vitamin d from the sun or food, I’ve learned.

  8. Bev permalink
    January 6, 2009 5:44 am

    I actually have dreams where I am running………does that count? ha

    Good for you! That really will tone you up!

    Bev – I have those dreams all the time. Um, guessing it doesn’t count. LOL. But I’m looking forward to doing more real-life running and exercise – if only our stupid weather out here would cooperate. 😉

  9. January 6, 2009 2:52 pm

    Wow! You have accomplished so much this past year! Bravo, Girrrrl!!

    I love to run but my poor old joints don’t like it so much. Biking is more my style, and walking, and kayaking. I don’t think it matters so much what you do as long as you get off your butt and DO IT!

    I salute you and your amazing determination to be healthy!

    Thank you, Trisha. I’d love to bicycle. Someday I still plan to have a pink bicycle. It’s been my dream for a few months now, but walking and running is free. I just can’t afford the bike I want yet.

  10. January 6, 2009 5:29 pm

    That is SO awesome! Way to go! I have Brooks running shoes too and love them.

    Hi Anita! Thanks for commenting on my blog and the encouraging words. I’m told Brooks shoes are one of the best!

  11. January 6, 2009 11:55 pm

    Good for you Little Miss. You are very inspirational to me, but I will also check out the link…. I started weight watchers yesterday (Monday) and am feeling really good about it. Off to a great start!

    Back atcha, JavaQueen! I’m pleased that sharing my trials and tribulations can be inspirational to others. Good for you for starting WW too! I sent you an email… look for it. 😉

  12. January 7, 2009 12:04 am

    Ok, just checked out his blog- holy moly- you weren’t kidding. I feel really hopeful!!! Thank you!

    Isn’t he awesome? I just love how down to earth he is. Makes it seem so achievable for all of us, no matter if we have 15 or 150 pounds to lose, and no matter what our temptations or diversions along the way. We can still keep on keeping on.

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