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Elementary, My Dear Watson

January 15, 2009

IMG_8264Ah, I love the fog. The weather around here is always a great topic of conversation. It is so varied and interesting, even when horrible. The last few days have been very foggy. I call it Sherlock Holmes weather.

It’s even freakier when the dogs start barking out the sliding window at seemingly nothing, and then you look out, and there on the other side of that short fence, in the pitch black, lit only by the beams of the back porch light, is a cop. Yes, true story. Scared the holy bejeebus out of us. (Apparently some delinquent appeared to run along the edge of the retaining wall on the other side of that fence. Not found, there was no one, but I think my heart got its aerobic workout for the day.)

Meanwhile, I love the atmosphere that the fog brings. Warm, split pea soup type days. Fireplace and cozy blanket type evenings. Soft music, good book type nights.


Meanwhile, back to life, back to reality.

IMG_8257 Today I had to get new tires for my SUV. Not very interesting news or purchase, but I tell you, what a stress reliever. I had to shell out a lot because I needed to get all four at once. At least I’m driving on safe tires and the next rainstorm or, god-forbid, snow storm, I can drive safely. I think I got an extra 10,000 miles off those old tires that I really shouldn’t have, but I’m grateful they lasted. I looked at my car today and the old tires were so flat and worn out and a blow-out-on-a-busy-road-accident waiting to happen. I stressed out every time I started out in that car. So I bit the bullet (who came up with that saying anyway?) and bought a decent set. My brother, the race car driver, is happy for me. 😉 And I am a safer driver, especially in the fog.

  1. January 15, 2009 7:21 pm

    I always think a car feels so much smoother on the road with new tires.

  2. January 16, 2009 11:53 am

    oooh…i love foggy weather.

    the phrase “bite the bullet” refers to soldiers being given a bullet to bite on when they were being treated, without anesthesia, for injuries. biting down on something hard “helped” them endure the pain. as to why someone decided a bullet was a good thing to bite on….i have no idea.

    why do i know these things? when teaching students who are new to this country, idioms like this must be explained. besides, i find language things interesting….but i’m a geek. 🙂

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