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A Feeling of Accomplishment

January 18, 2009

Time to wind down. It’s been a busy day for me and I feel as if I accomplished quite a bit. I spent a good part of this morning tidying up my sewing loft. Do any of you other sewing aficionados do that too? Tidy up before you start sewing? Seems pointless in a way, because when you’re done it’s all messed up again. But it feels good to sew in a tidy room.

Anyhoo. This is what I got done today:


  • Cut out and sewed a reading pillow for my son-in-law in Seahawks blue and green. Used stash fabric for the main fabric. Had the pillow form in my stash as well.
  • Measured and cut foam insides for two doggie beds I’m making for my brother’s two “doggie buddies”, their black labs. I had the foam in stock, used an electric knife to cut it, and am using a recycled white sheet to encase the foam. I want to have the fleece cover removable and washable. I’m not following a pattern, but making this up as I go along.
  • Cooked and ate my butternut squash soup. It was actually quite easy, and tasty. However, it was a tad spicy. I am not sure why. I think because of the onions? I followed the recipe I posted earlier. Perhaps it’s using chicken broth instead of vegetable. I’m really not sure, but it was good and one cup (that bowl shows two cups) is plenty filling along with a Thomas’ Light Whole Grain English Muffin.


Oh, and while I was doing all this, I did about four loads of laundry.


I promised to show you some cute fabric. Above is the fleece I bought yesterday for my brother. Below is the cotton I bought that has the cute doggie print. I know I want an apron out of it but I am sure there will be plenty of scraps for some cute doggie clothes or something.


I didn’t get out for my walk today, but that’s okay. I stayed within my points, did a lot of going up and down the stairs and was essentially on my feet all day. Believe it or not, I find sewing isn’t all about sitting down at a machine. There is a lot of standing to iron, cut fabric, pin pieces together, trim seams, and such. I do all that standing.


  1. January 19, 2009 4:25 am

    i, too, must tidy up before i start a new project. making one mess on top of another mess just doesn’t work for me.

    sewing is definitely not a sedentary activity. some people set up their sewing rooms so they can swivel in their chair from the machine to the iron to the serger… i like having to get up and move around a bit. good exercise for my knee. đŸ™‚

  2. January 19, 2009 11:12 am

    where did you get the cute doggy cottons? I love them. You know I have a small collection of dog prints.

    Glad you are doing so well. Do you think the soup was spicy due to the curry powder you added? Funny thing – I love butternnut squash – love it – but I hate squash soup. I might try it, but I know me – it does look good though, I so wished I liked it. g

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