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The Bachelor – Predict Who Jason Chooses

March 2, 2009

I normally don’t get into these reality shows, and I particularly don’t watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette shows simply because there are so many principles of it that go against the grain for me – like competing for someone’s affections, kissing so many beaus at one time, the publicity, the cattiness, the list could go on, but I’ll just bore you.

However…I got hooked this season because this guy is from around here – specifically Kirkland, Washington, which is where my mother lives, and he’s a single, divorced dad. How come I’ve never seen him around down there? Oh, right, I’m not a size zero and I’m a few (cough, sputter) years older than him, and I don’t drink. They sure do a lot of champagne drinking on that show.

Still, isn’t he handsome? Yum…Maybe one of these times they’ll do a Bachelor/Bachelorette for the over 40 crowd. Then I’ll sign up to be a contestant. JUST KIDDING!

Anyway, tonight is the finale and he chooses between Molly and Melissa, with a twist thrown in that the previous flame of his from the Bachelorette (where he vied for her affections) shows up and twists the knife a bit further in his heart.

Who do you think he will pick? The old flame?





My prediction? I think he’ll choose Melissa.


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