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Back to life, back to reality – Part one

March 11, 2009

But first, a few lots of pictures of my brother’s and his fiancee’s visit here this last few days.  If there’s one memorable thing about their visit, it’s the weather. It has been all shades of crazy. We’ve had rain, sun, and snow. All in the span of about four days.


This was the evening they arrived (Saturday) and this is the view from the private beach on the Lake Washington where my mom lives, looking out across the lake into Seattle. It had been raining all day long and was pretty cold.

Pike Place Market – Seattle

Sunday the weather was cold but beautiful and sunny. Seattle is just the most idyllic place – well, one of the most – when the sun is out. We went to brunch with Mom, and then tripped into Seattle to go to their favorite destination, Pike Place Market.



We picked out some yummy fresh vegetables for a delicious spaghetti sauce they made from scratch. IMG_8615 IMG_8614

Look, I really *was* there.


(I’m not scowling; I’m focusing on hurrying up and taking the picture and then catching up with them. LOL)

Seen around the market


Someone standing out on their balcony. Look closely. It’s a person mannequin and a doggy mannequin.


A dude playing the guitar while hoola-hooping. I guess he was actually good at both things. We didn’t stay around long enough to watch. We were on our way to the original Starbucks coffee shop there at the market. The line at Starbucks was insane.

Street scenes along the Seattle waterfront

Fisherman’s Wharf




A native American-looking dude was sitting on the steps carving these and we liked them but that small one is only about six-eight inches tall and he wanted like $60 for that. We admired them and then moved on.


Chris and Ann having a great time.


Me and my brother.



Back to Kirkland for dinner with mom…(this is all still Sunday folks…)


Lest you think we only take serious pictures.


Ann on the dock in downtown Kirkland.


Some of the mansions along the waterfront in Kirkland.


Mom’s condo as seen from the dock.


(This, fellow bloggy friends, is where the Bachelor, Jason Mesnik, supposedly lives (not on the dock, in Kirkland) but I’ve not seen him down here. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t though… I digress. )

Thus endeth the recap for the first two days. Stay tuned for part two…

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