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Back to life, back to reality – Part two

March 11, 2009

Continuing on from Part one of my recap of my brother and his fiancee’s visit from Kansas City.

Monday Spaghetti Sauce Making Night

Monday we had snow. Weird, weird, weird. I had to go in to the work offices so they drove me and kept the car. They hung at my place for a bit, and finally picked me up from work about four. The weather was insane. It would be sunny out and the next minute, literally, it was dumping an inch of snow. None of it really stuck to the roads, just made for a nasty commute.

Monday night’s is my regular Weight Watcher’s meeting and this week we swung by there so I could at least weigh in. (LOST A POUND – woohoo! – even with all the restaurant eating. I really expected to gain a couple.) Ann and Chris hadn’t eaten all day and were starved and I felt bad making them wait another hour or so while I went to my meeting, so I weighed in and we went to Red Robin. That totally cracks me up. Go to WW and then go to Red Robin where they have the most UN-healthy burgers ever.

(As a side note, I asked for their nutritional menu and calculated out the points on my favorite burger – the blue cheese one – and it was a whopping 19 points for just the burger, not including the fries. I chose a Garden Burger – calculated about 11 points, and half the fries – calculated another 4 points or so. I counted and tracked all the points, and that’s the key folks. I knew we’d probably be eating out so I ate light on the points earlier in the day and stayed within my daily points allowance.)

So, back to my brother and his fiancee…

While I was at work, Chris had to work too, so he set up his two computers at the table. The third one is mine. Marie is trying to make a space for herself amidst the multiple computers. You’d think we were a bunch of techie geeks or something.


Ann trying to make nice with Lily. Lily not making so nice. And I’m constantly reminded (by my vet assistant daughter) that it’s all my fault Lily isn’t more sociable and friendly to people. She just warms up slowly. That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it.



Getting down to cooking.


Ann having fun at the same time. This gives you a glimpse into her great sense of humor.



Tuesday Spaghetti Feast

Tuesday all the snow was pretty much gone, and the sun was out and beautiful. We all congregated up at my other daughter’s house, finally, round about 4:30. I felt bad that she didn’t get to spend much time with them, and Tuesday I still had to work. Still, we all got up there, including Mom, and had a great time.


Someone Evan liked it. We all did. It was really good.


Cayden loved Chris. Oh, they are so much alike in many ways. All the kids loved Chris and Ann.


Chris teaching them to do whatever this face thingy is called. We did this with my dad when we were kids and cracked up when my dad was doing it.



Elise figured it out!


Cayden, not so much.


Evan just liked to blow raspberries – my brother’s preferred greeting when answering the phone. Seriously. 🙂


That’s it folks. We did more – we played Rock Band on the Playstation (whatever number it is) and I even had fun trying it. But my daughter has those pictures so I’ll have to wait to get them from her.

Now I have to get back to reality and work and all sorts of fun stuff, like getting my new bicycle this weekend! Woohooo!

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  1. March 11, 2009 2:01 pm

    It looks like you guys had so much fun! I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle with its market and wharf and I know I’ll get there some day. And you still lost a pound. Wow!

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