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Inaugural Bike Ride Photos and Video

April 5, 2009

I had a blast in Seaside this weekend. I had been looking forward to it for so long and also because I was taking my new bike along and hoped that the weather would cooperate so that I could enjoy some lovely ocean scenery and bike rides. I already posted about my ride along the “Prom” in Seaside on Friday. Saturday mid-day, however, I got a chance to go to Fort Stevens State Park with a couple friends who were also down there and we rode about four miles. I would have ridden farther and harder, but I was going with friends and this was their first bike ride out, so I went at their pace.

I had never been to this park before and oh. my. gosh the trails were incredibly beautiful. There was moss on either side of the paved trail, and the sun shining through the moss covered trees was incredible. The ocean was absolutely amazing. Had I been by myself, I’d have packed a lunch, and just parked my butt for a bit. The weather was mild, but not warm enough to go without a jacket. 

I really think I have found my exercise of choice. Riding this bike is so danged easy, for the most part, and so incredibly enjoyable. My only regret – if I wasted time with regrets, which I really don’t – is that I didn’t figure this out fifteen years ago. So here I am now having a complete blast with bike riding. I feel like a little kid all over again.

Anyway, here are some pictures and a silly video I tried to take of me riding down part of the path. The clanking you hear is that blasted chain guard. A screw fell out so it was rattling against the chain. I just am not catching a break with that chain guard.

Oh, and next up on the accessories purchase for my bike: padded women’s bike shorts, and a basket for Lily. Stay tuned.

Oh, and in case you were wondering – will I ever sew again? I don’t know. I still love it, I still want to, but I haven’t had the time. And I think once I do get back to my sewing it’s going to be a whole different kind of sewing. Think ultra cool bike shorts to go over the fitted lycra padded ones…


Here’s the video. Sorry for my sniffling – it was still a bit cool out. LOL. I’m going to get one of the video cameras (eventually) that Wendy is testing out.  And I don’t think the squeaking is my bike, but I’ll have to double check that too.

Following my friends:



Taking self-portraits sucks.


Wreck of the Peter Iredale


This is the tunnel (coming back the other way) that you see in the video.


  1. April 12, 2009 5:50 pm

    I loved this post and the video! Thank you and best of luck to you on your cycling. It’s such a fun way to get exercise. I hope you keep bringing your camera with you on your rides. 🙂

  2. April 12, 2009 5:54 pm

    Thanks, DAvid! I am loving my bike. The weather looks very promising this weekend for a ride among the tulip fields just north of me. I promise to take a video shot when I go! Just cuz you asked for it. 🙂

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