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Going Organic

May 6, 2009

What has happened to me? Aliens have taken over my brain and body at night and turned me into someone I don’t quite recognize. But I love it. So far, the results amaze me, and now I’m taking it a step farther.

Jillian Michael’s new book, Master your Metabolism, is eye opening to me. So much I didn’t really know about our hormones, our endocrine system, the junk we put in our bodies and how we screw our hormone system up. Even so called “healthy” foods when you look at the ingredients aren’t so healthy. One thing she highly recommends is going organic.

I am starting to accept the fact that I really care about the environment and health and the waste that we are generating every day. I am doing my little part and I can’t do much, but I can control what I eat. I have it easier on this journey than most. One woman at my Weight Watchers meeting when she heard I worked at home exclaimed how hard that must be for me. No, in fact, I think it’s the opposite. I think it’s made my journey easier than most. I can completely control my environment, my food schedule, and activity schedule. The challenges occur when you have to interact with others, if your a stay-at-home mom who is never home but on the go carting kids around, when you have to take a lunch, or go to a restaurant with colleagues, or worse, to travel. I get that. I applaud all those who stay on program while doing all this. It’s not easy.

So, I’m doing a little experiment on myself. My 1.8 pound loss this week was exactly what I needed to kick myself into gear again and get refocused. So here’s the deal:


With Weight Watchers, what you eat is just as important as how much you eat, if you want to lose weight and sustain that weight loss. It’s about behavior changes and making better choices.

Jillian suggests choosing only those foods that “had a mother or originated from the ground”. She also suggests, wherever possible, buying organic to eliminate the pesticides and other chemicals that get into our foods and can disrupt our endocrine system. Avoiding plastics and canned goods. And above all, avoiding “frankenfoods” – those artificially prepared, manufactured, processed, or enhanced foods, like chips, enriched breads, processed meats and cheeses.

Right. If I had a million bucks for groceries each month, sure. Not so fast… I went grocery shopping yesterday and did a little comparison in the produce department. Organic Braeburn apples were nearly fifty cents per pound cheaper than the regular Braeburn apples – on sale. Organic green onions were cheaper, as was the cauliflower. Significantly cheaper. And because I’m not buying all the processed foods (processed cereals, protein bars, etc.) I can take that money and put it towards more fruits and vegetables and lean meats, even if they aren’t organic. I am realistic, after all.

My experiment is to follow the organic and natural food selection – as much as possible – as part of my WW program and see what happens. The idea is that this, along with my counting points, activity, plenty of sleep, and balance, will help me shed this last 25 pounds more easily – and healthily. There may even be a side effect of reducing the symptoms of my fibromyalgia. I sure hope so. I’ll keep you posted.

This was my partially organic dinner last night. Yum.IMG_9289

Oh, and a word of caution. Watch out for dead spiders in your organic celery. If there there, it’s proof the farmers aren’t using pesticides. Ask me how I know.

Happy Wednesday!

  1. May 6, 2009 12:56 pm

    Awesome post! While I don’t follow weight watchers, what you’ve said gives me more hope for the program. Because that is correct, what you eat is just as important as how much. If you eat nothing but small amounts of McDonalds yeah you’ll lose weight but your insides will probably be pretty angry, and it’ll make it harder to lose what you want as you get farther in the program.

    Another thing I wanted to add is I’ve gone through the same thing as you in regards to the organic food revelation. When I noticed I had a Whole Foods by my house (a store with all organic food incase you don’t know) I didn’t want to go into the “hippy” grocery store. Now I cant stop myself from going in. Sorry for this getting pretty long, but good luck with going organic!

    • May 6, 2009 6:29 pm

      Thanks for visiting me and commenting. I’m glad you liked my post. We have a Whole Foods out here, but I haven’t ventured in there. It’s a bit of a drive from me, but I think I’ll go check it out. Someone said to me today about eating no processed foods means that then they have to cook everything from scratch. 😉 I guess that all depends on what your priority is, right? I made a commitment when I started this journey to make myself a priority – above work, above everything – and as a result, I have more left for everyone else after all.

      Going to check out your blog….

  2. May 6, 2009 5:27 pm

    I’ve been buying organic for a long time. I buy organic produce and meat.
    I use very few processed foods. We also use organic bath and bodycare products because you absorb into your bloodstream over 60% of what you put on your skin. Are you familiar with the EWG website.
    If not you are going to love it. About halfway down the page on the right look for Skin Deep. They list thousands of bath and body care products by how toxic they are. You would be shocked. Even the so called natural products you buy in health foods stores can be toxic. Read about parabens. They are preservatives used in most shampoos, moisturizers, etc. Studies have shown that women with breast cancer have higher amounts of parabens stored in their breasts from deodorants with parabens. I could go on and on. I have done tons of research on this when I owned my health food store for 25 years.
    We also use organic cleaners for cleaning the house.
    The average person ingests more than 200 chemicals a day from food, from what you put on our skin and from the air we breath. I’m trying to cut that figure down a little in my life.

    • May 6, 2009 6:30 pm

      Joan, I forgot you owned a health food store. I want to get away from all the cleaners and toxic substances too. I honestly believe it will help me feel better all around. I may feel worse for a bit, I bet, as my body changes and gets used to what it really should be ingesting and absorbing, but in the long run, I think I’ll live longer. I’m going to check out that site you mentioned.

  3. May 16, 2009 12:52 pm

    I’ve been making the switch to organic gradually over the past few months, eating up stuff I’ve stocked up on that isn’t organic and replacing with organic. If you haven’t tried the Stonyfield Farm organic yogurt line (and other products) give them a try. Their website has a sign up for coupons to help ease the pain at the check out too.

    If you have a Costco membership they have many organic products that I buy regularly such as peanut butter, batasami brown rice, frozen veggies and more.

    Hopefully organics will soon be as wide spread in grocery stores in the states as they have been in Europe for years.

    Congratulations on your new lifestyle.

  4. Carolina permalink
    June 15, 2009 2:43 pm

    Hello…I searched “how to lose weight by going organic” in google…and stumbled upon your blog!

    It’s amazing because just last week, I blogged about the same exact epiphany I had after reading Jillian’s book, take a look:

    I like what you had to say and wish you the best of luck on this new journey! I also am trying to go organic as much as possible and have started shopping at the farmers market, whole foods store, and other local farms that offer organic fare.

    Check out this website, it might help to locate local organic food:

    Good luck to you!!

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