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Dog Tired, Dogwoods, and Dog Grooming

May 12, 2009



For some reason, today was a weird day. First there was drama with the bank incorrectly debiting $300 from my account for a “correction” sent me kind of into a tailspin. Then there were computer issues that ended up taking my entire afternoon to resolve. Good news is that everything worked out in the end. The bank, after I showed them what I suspected was the issue, called and fixed it today, and the computer is all good now. Tomorrow will be a better day, I know it.

So, after work, I needed to de-stress. I kind of still do, but for now, I just grabbed my camera and took some pictures. I really wanted to go for a bike ride, but I’ll save that for tomorrow evening after work.

Here are some pictures of the little garden area between me and my neighbor. We had that patch of yard that was overgrown with weeds (my side) and her side had a raised planter bed, from the previous owner’s efforts, that was also overgrown with weeds. Last year, we reworked it to share the area, and I planted this little pink dogwood tree that my daughter bought me for my birthday. I was afraid I had planted it wrong and it wouldn’t survive the winter, but evidently I was wrong. This last weekend, my neighbor added fresh mulch, and I moved my birdfeeder there to in place of a bush that died over the winter.

I just love the look of pink dogwood blooms. They are so delicate and relaxing to me.




So, then we decided the dogs needed a bath. My younger daughter, the vet assistant, always grooms Lily for me. I so appreciate that.

Lily before her bath. Can you see her smile? How cute is that?


Getting pretty – notice the tongue sticking out. That means she’s happy.


Yes, we bathe her in the kitchen sink.


All clean and purty.


Now it’s time for me to relax, enjoy the Biggest Loser finale (Go Tara! Go Tara!) and get some rest. Tomorrow’s a new day.

  1. May 13, 2009 11:53 am

    So many things to comment on here. I’ll go in order.
    The bank: UGH! It’s terrifying when the people controlling your money screw up. Good thing you were on top of it.
    Gardens: The dogwood is gorgeous, and the tulips! Tulips must be banned from El Paso because I haven’t seen any in years. Those are just beautiful.
    Grooming: Lily, Lily, Lily. You are a dear. Soooo adorable in those photos. Does she love a good bath? I know Stella does. It makes her very frisky afterwards. 🙂

    • May 13, 2009 12:22 pm

      I wish I could send you some of those tulips. Those are the tallest dang tulips I’ve ever seen. Notice how they are nearly as tall as the little tree? That’s not an optical illusion. Lily is a dear. She usually does feel frisky afterwards but my daughter gave them some meds to calm them down so she could trim their nails. They – all three of them – would have NONE of that business.

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