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Birthday Bike Ride – and Run

May 17, 2009

The weather on my birthday was spectacular! Absolutely gorgeous, couldn’t have asked for more pleasant conditions to be outside. So, after sitting at my desk working for a bit and staring outside wistfully, I decided to take the day off and make it up later over the weekend. It was too pretty to be sitting inside, and besides, it was my BIRTHDAY!

So, I headed up to my daughter’s house and we got the boys ready to go for a bike ride. It took a while to get around, as it does with little preschoolers and toddlers, but I was in no hurry and any time spent with them is a joy to me. Finally, we loaded the jogging stroller, my bike, and Cayden’s bike into her van and off we went.

We needed to feed the kids – and ourselves – so we stopped at Subway and got a bite. (This time, I remembered no cheese, wheat bread, and mustard only to keep my points down.) While getting ready to leave, Cayden bumped his wound again while sitting on my lap – no, I’m not beating this kid! He’s just rambunctious and fun to play with and we do have fun! – so we stopped at the doctors because it was bleeding more. They put additional bandages on it to stop it from gaping, so all was good.

Finally, off we went to ride our bikes. Cayden was awesome. Even with training wheels. He rode the whole way of what this site calculates as 3.36 miles out and back. How awesome is that for a four year old?

image image

It was absolutely hilarious to watch him from behind. I forgot to strap my camera to my back so I could take a cute movie of it. Next time. However, on the way out, I rode my bike and then I let Cindy ride it on the way back so that she could enjoy it too and keep up with her son. We swapped at the 2 mile marker on the map (above) and for the remainder of the ride, I pushed Evan in the jogging stroller and ran – with a minute or so of walking every now and then. So I probably could say fairly that I ran a mile. And I wasn’t sore later – I felt great!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Lily came along with us too. She was such a good doggie too. Here’s Evan and Lily in the jogging stroller. Evan was in the front part, and Lily in the back part on her pillow where the purses normally go. I wanted them separated just in case Evan decided to pull on Lily’s hair (he does that to people) and I didn’t want Lily freaking out and hurting Evan. So, this was too cute. Evan had to turn around and look at the doggie in the back. He can sort of say “doggie”. It was a perfect arrangement because Lily could look out the mesh and look forward and see everything.


(You can see Lily’s head in the lower left there through the mesh.)



On the second half of the ride, Cayden was getting tired, although he adamantly denied it. He was too cute. He’d stop, get off his bike, and sit down. Sometimes in the middle of the path, sometimes on the side of the road. Seemed like only a few seconds and he was back up and on the bike pedaling away like a little madman. He went FAST!



We had to explain to him the concept of riding to the right of the trail to avoid oncoming bikers and let the ones behind us pass. He didn’t understand left or right, really, so I told him one side was the good side and one was the bad side. He got that. He went over to the “bad” side, stomped the concrete and said “bad road”. That kid cracks me up. And, even though he was on training wheels, he stayed to the “good side” most of the time and the serious bikers smiled and were okay with it. I’m glad – some bikers can be just downright arrogant and rude. Not all, just a few. But how can you get mad at a 4 year old learning the rules of bicycling and learning to love it????

Here’s our little trouper at the end of the ride. What a workout he – and we – got.



We rested a bit on the grass and his mommy and he played softball, and Evan ran around, and Lily sniffed.



Timeless cuteness of a toddler with a doggie:


I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my birthday. Wait, I did ask for this! I’ve been wanting to do this with the boys and my daughter for the longest time. And it was just as much fun as I had expected it would be. Now to find the daughter her own bicycle.

  1. May 18, 2009 2:49 am

    Happy belated birthday – it looks like everyone had a great day of biking !

  2. May 20, 2009 10:41 pm

    Yeah, The photos are really nice, I like bike riding a lot.

  3. Mary permalink
    May 25, 2009 4:05 pm

    Hi Claire,
    You have been nominated for the Attitude of Gratitude award!

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