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Floral Fun Eye Candy

May 31, 2009

Cuz I’ve got nothing else for you. The weather has just been too nice here in the Pacific Northwest to be staying inside (sewing or not) or sitting in front of a computer for longer than you have to (as in, for work I get paid to do.) This morning, I got up early and had breakfast with my mom. After lunch, I headed home and Lily and I tried to find the discount plant guy I found yesterday – more on that later if I ever find him again. Looked for a farmer’s market near me – it was closed. Looked for garage sales – everyone had packed up already. So… headed home and took my bike for a ride up to get a Jamba Juice. The bike derailed when I started up the hill but I fixed it. Ran into my neighbor and her kids up at the Jamba Juice and we chatted for a bit. Headed home and had a fun ride downhill (the best part), then the chain derailed again right near my house. Couldn’t fix it this time so in to the shop it goes this week. Still, got some activity in. Not a lot, but every little bit is better than nothing.

Meanwhile, I wandered around my yard and played with my camera. Caught these pretty images for your viewing pleasure.

This rose is called Clair Matin, and it’s an heirloom “own root” rose. It was given to me as a gift, and each year the blooms appear to be getting darker. I have totally neglected all my roses, so I’m even amazed this one made it through the winter.



Playing with the super macro setting on the camera.


My daughter bought me this clematis a couple years ago, I think. I love how it looks as it’s unfolding.



And some pretty white azaleas. These came with the house and I moved them from their original location. They’re doing so much better now. I never noticed the little pale lime green speckles on the blooms until I took these shots.




And finally, a shot of Lily. I know you’ve been missing seeing her, now, haven’t you?


Hope everyone has had a great, relaxing weekend.

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  1. June 1, 2009 12:30 am

    such pretty flowers! i am jealous

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