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Weekend Recap & Happy Father’s Day

June 21, 2009

IMG_8646First of all – Happy Father’s Day to my son-in-law, Cody, who I am so happy to have as the father to my grandchildren! Happy Father’s Day to both my brothers even though one of them is father to the four-legged variety of children (the kind that bark – LOL). And the same greetings to all the rest of the men I know who are fathers.

After a busy week with work (nearing a critical deadline), did I spend the weekend resting? Nope. I went for my regular weekend walk with my girlfriends and we walked 2.5 hours in and around Edmonds, WA. We went up hills, down, through the quaint town, along the waterfront, through the marina, and back to our starting point. I think it was a 10k walk, all totaled.

After walking, I took my mom to Seattle to visit a friend who just had heart bypass surgery. We didn’t stay too long because we had to get back home as mom had plans to go to the Mariner’s baseball game. I swear I think my 89 year old mom has a busier social life than I do!

Today, I needed to finish up the front yard planting that I started a week ago. I got it finished, but I think it did me in. I added five bags of compost, five bags of topsoil, and four large bags of bark mulch, in addition to digging and planting the new plants. I even pulled out a portion of the laurel hedge that drives me nuts. The yard looks superb. I’m really happy with it. I am considering some flagstones to add a pathway across the front, but for now, I’m leaving it all as is to let the plants get established and see how it feels.

Here are some pictures of the yard as it is now. No more critical letters from the homeowner’s association that my grass isn’t “flourishing”. They can’t complain now – and if they do, I don’t care! My yard now looks like it belongs with the two next to me (who, by the way, also don’t have grass in the front yard.) IMG_9728You can see the slope of the front yard and how hard that has been with grass to mow. (Well, hard for me, at least.) We put those pavers in last year and I like them, only the grass still wants to come up through them, even with landscaping fabric under the gravel and sand.

At the bottom of the pavers is where I pulled out part of the laurel hedge. I hate that hedge but it’s established and I don’t have the time, energy, or money to replace it with something different.

Here’s the retaining wall I built last weekend. Had I known it would be so cheap and easy to do this, I would have done it eight years ago. At the base of that retaining wall is the drain that goes to wherever drains go to. Before all this work, I’d try to water my “lawn” and the water would just roll right over the top of the hill, down that drain. What a waste.


Looking straight on to the front door. Eventually those plants will all fill in and the goal is that it will only need annual reapplication of bark mulch. And that front door is going to be painted. Probably black. I think that would look awesome.


Right by the front door, this little area was filled in with pavers.


The builders had put a plant there originally that would have been mammoth by now and I pulled it out and filled it in with pavers. The pavers didn’t really work either and the yard needed some balance, so I planted these evergreens. I love the yellow tips. These will get taller, and I think with some light trimming will make a nice little hedge to balance the entryway. We’ll see. I may end up moving them next year too.

Some of the established perennials. These may need thinning out later, but after they’re all done blooming.


I love how this looks (below). It just seems so much more welcoming. Next, I need to stain or tile the front porch.


Now, I’m beat, but completely satisfied with how it looks. My back and hip really hurt so it’s off to the chiropractor tomorrow, and some heat and ice (alternatively) on it tonight.

All in all, a great weekend. 

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  2. June 22, 2009 5:50 am

    that looks gorgeous! And I LOVE your front porch.

    • June 22, 2009 7:18 am

      Thanks, VV. 🙂 The porch is a lot of fun. I can sit and watch the kids play in the street (private driveway kind of street). Odd note – the Stepford couple up the way had a baby and odd how their yard is going all to hell. Funny how that works now.

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