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June 23, 2009

IMG_5397 Life is grand. The “recession” is hitting us all and very close to home, but I have so much to be happy about.

First off – I woke up to sunshine and birds singing today. There may be some high clouds threatening to cover up that beautiful sunshine, but whatever. It’s floating into my office right now, and that always is a recipe for a good day.

Last night was Weight Watchers. I really didn’t expect a good result because I wasn’t so precise or diligent with my tracking last week. However, I do tend to repeat the same types of foods and I’ve been at this long enough to know the points values of some of the foods I eat, so I had an approximate idea of how I did. I just expected to maintain this week, but the scale surprised me. I lost 2.4 pounds and hit another 5 pound goal. I have now lost 71.6 pounds total.

Whenever you get an award at a Weight Watchers meeting, the leader usually asks you how you are feeling now or what feels different to you. The biggest difference – aside from the smaller clothes sizes – is in my activity level.

When I started this journey, my weight, back disc degeneration, and my fibromyalgia meant that activity was close to impossible. In fact, I planned on doing Weight Watchers without the activity part of the program. Now I can walk, run, and bicycle for significant distances. The fibro still flares after activity, but it’s so much milder a flare, and the change is that I recover quite quickly. For example, after a 2.5 HOUR walk on Saturday, my hip was hurting but by evening, I felt much better. Sunday night, after a day packed full of heavy gardening, I was in pain all night but by yesterday afternoon, the pain was just a memory.

My daughter pointed out a few differences too. She said that I play with my grandkids more now – bicycling and doing active things, rather than crafts and making caramel apples.




Anyhoo… Today is a great day. I’m busy-busy with work and that’s good too. I think my grandsons are stopping by to see me this afternoon and we’re going for a walk. How cool is that?

Gotta run! Work calls.

PS – the first picture above is Evan last year at the Willis Tucker spray pad near my home.


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